My Blog 101: Design


Another non-anime related post. If you expected anime for this one, I can’t blame you, but this thing has been around for awhile so I decided to clear it first.

People who follow or read my blog often, I have a very inconsistent web design/layout. Some might not like it, some might.

Why do you keep changing your themes?

My theme scheme is split into 2 parts. Design and layout. Design consists of background images, coloring. Layout is how the website looks like, pretty much changing the WordPress themes itself so yeah.

The main reason why I change regularly is to keep the blog fresh, having the same theme for a long period of time can be pretty boring and dry.

Another reason is because I love to customize my stuff. Best girls of the season always get first priority.

This wraps up my rather short post. Maybe you get to know me A LITTLE better. Next post tomorrow.

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