When Death is the Only Way: Mirai Nikki with Redial

Hello, this post come in a bit earlier than my usual time slot because I’m going to watch a movie later at night.

Originated from a manga, lasted for 4 years, 2006-2010 and has 12 volumes. The anime ran for 26 eps with an OVA. They used 26 eps to cover the entire manga.

Setting and concept is very fresh. I like it, it already pulled me in after 1 ep. The yandere character did caught me off guard, even with many “spoilers” here and there on the net. The storyline is amazing, plot twists all around where you least expect them. Pacing the entire manga for 26 eps is pretty decent, it doesn’t feel rushed, but in fact, it feels slower than I thought it would be. Character developments and interactions are excellent. The only frustrating thing about the show is Yukiteru, he is one of the reason why I dropped this show for about a year before deciding to watch it again. Ending felt a bit empty, but after the Redial OVA, it gets better. The OVA is just an expansion of the last ep with more sweet and true happy ending. I love it, this wrap up fits just right.

Animations by Asread. They did Corpse Party too, so I expect some merciless gore in this show, but it was about only 50%, kind of expected this. Quality is decent, feels like your everyday slice-of-life art, instead of a merciless killing spree.

Music is excellent. OP1 and ED1 were the best. BGMs are nicely done too.

VAs is a pretty long and decent list. Togashi Misuzu, Murata Tomosa, Tanaka Masahiko, Sanada Asami, Sendai Eri, Seki Tomokazu, Kuwatani Natsuko, Konno Hiromi, Aizawa Mai, Asakawa Yuu, Wakamoto Norio, Honda Manami, Ishida Akira, Ishii Makoto, Shiraishi Minoru, Matsuoka Yuki, Yukana, Mizuhara Kaoru, Koyasu Takehito, Inoue Kikuko, Miyashita Eiji, Shindo Naomi, Inada Tetsu. I like the cast, Tomosa’s voice acting for Yuno is just incredible. I’m actually not satisfied with the casting of Misuzu for Yukiteru, its like Horie Yui voicing Riki all over again.


Story: 8/10 | 9/10 (After Redial)

Art: 8/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 8/10

Highly recommended.One of the finest Yandere shows you can find.

More posts tomorrow.

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