My Blog 101: My Style of Writing Part 2


Hey hey, its here again. Last week I talk about format of writing my reviews etc etc. Today, I talk about how I feel when writing reviews and stuff.

Ok, first, opinions.

Blogging has taught me to be more sensitive, more neutral to things. But a specific show is really trash, I will just go all out. Like some of my blogger friends used to comment about my content, my posts sometimes bring in some pretty critical personal comments. I tried to tone it down to prevent hate. But if any of my comments about a certain show/music/studio/person etc etc triggers you, I hereby apologise.

Second, posting frequency and content.

If you followed my blogs the previous 2 years, some of you might know I’m serving the military, so I only posts on weekends. I try to push out 2-3 posts each Saturday/Sunday, because I only have the weekends to write, so I decide to post a bit more. Sometimes I didn’t post is because I’m having my family time, etc etc, because its the weekends, I cannot put blogging first over my family. But now, I’m done with my military service, I can post anytime I want. Due to that, I posted nearly everyday from last year till now, I ran out of content to post, which lead to a period where I “died”. But now, I got back on my feet to finish my uncompleted shows, I have been posting everyday since last week. How long will this last? I don’t know. I bet I cannot keep this up. I have school and everything.

Third, inspiration.

This is a vital part of writing posts. Without this, you either don’t know what to write or how to write, or even when to write. I’m now spending so much time on blogging that it’s taking me forever to get the inspiration to continue my novel. My Wattpad is around here, go read the novel if you want to. Inspiration died for me for the past 3 months due to issues and that is one reason why I rarely post too. Even with content, if you don’t have the inspiration to drive you to write, you still can’t write anything.

Lastly, you guys.

Without my followers, I don’t think I can carry on. When I started the blog, it was hard in the beginning. But the sudden influx of followers after 3 months gave me the drive to write more. I really thank you guys for being patient with me, being there for me, pretty much everything. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this for 3 years.

This is pretty much it, the next “My Blog 101” will be next week. I will go back to finishing Zero no Tsukaima so that I can write a HUGE post.

I will post more tomorrow.



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