Koe no Katachi Special: Manga or Movie?

(This is a second revise, because WordPress was a bitch and deleted my entire damn post. I added more details in this one, so even if you read the first time, just read it again.)

Hello. I read the manga the whole day yesterday, and watched the movie the day before. I see many differences in plotlines so I decided to make this post.

For those who completed the manga, you guys might wanna read the extra chapter that came out when the movie was released in Japan.

Warning: Spoilers are inside, if you haven’t watch/read either of them, please leave. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ok, I will be doing comparisons between the 2 media for this post.

Shouya’s attitude during high school.

In the movie, he’s more toned-down, more humble, a lot more down-to-earth and a lot more shy. He also tends to put other people first, and also thinks that he wasn’t punished enough about the past. In the manga, he has all the traits from above, but he’s still pretty aggressive, and short-tempered. He never rage a single time in the movie but in the manga, he did get angry a few times.

The teacher was an asshole too

In the movie, they omitted a lot of details with some of the characters so that they can combine the plot without losing much traction of the purpose of the movie. In the manga, the teacher is also pretty discriminant towards Shouko’s hearing disability. Shouko wanted to learn music and sing, but Takeuchi, the asshole teacher, brushed her off, saying that she’s deaf and should not even try to learn. He was allegedly accused by Shoya about laughing to Shouya’s rude deaf jokes about Shouko. He of course, pushed the blame back to Shouya, making him take full responsibility of the bully. After the incident, Shouya got bullied, this teacher brushed him off as a liar and when he eventually believe him, he said it’s karma coming back at him. Such a teacher shouldn’t even teach.

There was this “movie” making

In the manga, in order to reunion as a whole again, Tomohiro decided to make a movie for their school festival. In the movie, there was no such thing. I think that they decide to omit this one out is because it will make the movie even more time consuming and also to be able to concentrate on the couple a lot more. Because in the manga, the characters pretty much have their fair share of the limelight, be it main heroine or side characters, that’s nice to see.

Kawai Miki was more of a hypocrite than you think

The movie didn’t portray her in a very bad light, but the manga pretty much expose her true colors. She’s incredibly hypocritical in the manga that I am disgusted by her. She’s even more narcissistic in the manga too. Superficial bitch.

Mashiba Satoshi was more dedicated with his friendship with Shouya

In the movie, the interaction between the two was so minimal that you might think that he might be a backstabber towards Shouya, alongside with Miki, because Miki was the one who introduced Satoshi to Shouya. But in the manga, he is incredibly loyal and supportive. At one point of time, Shouya had to return to his elementary school to obtain permission to film their movie in his alma mater. And inevitably, he met his former teacher, who is still pretty much an asshole towards him even after so many years. Satoshi eventually retaliated by pouring a bottle of water in the teacher’s face. This prove Satoshi’s support towards Shouya and they also became closer towards each other. Friends only, please, ugh, I hate 21st century jokes.

Their quarrel on the bridge is more dramatic

In the movie, they were scolding each other on how Shouko’s appearance in elementary school ruin their lives, and it all started obviously by Naoka. It was all just an argument and eventually became a cold war, with Shouya blaming himself for everything. But in the manga, they were quarrelling about the movie and then slowly transition towards Shouko, thanks to Naoka again, their argument was so heated that Satoshi kicked Shouya before leaving. He was more passive in the movie, just leaving the scene with a statement to Shouya saying he’s too much about his comments towards everyone. Shouya called him to stop meddling with their stuff since he’s an outsider. In the manga, Yuzuru who was also at the scene, confronted Satoshi after kicking Shouya and asked who do he think he is, Satoshi replied that he’s just an outsider, proving that he knows where he stands in the group.

Naoka’s affection towards Shouya

In the movie, this aspect wasn’t really elaborate and people can only speculate. In the manga, it was confirmed, because she herself said that she liked Shouya since elementary school, and she regretted for pushing the blame towards Shouya when the confrontation ensues. She always wanted to reconcile with him, but Shouya is uninterested, probably due to the fact that Naoka did betray him back then, and his one-and-only reason of redemption towards Shouko.

Hospital was more violent

After Shouya’s fall from height due to his attempt to save Shouko from suicide, Naoka, of course, beats up Shouko, because she was pissed about Shouya being in a coma and Shouko walking away with just a fractured right arm. In the movie, Miyako (Shouya’s Mom) stopped the fight after Yaeko (Shouko’s Mom) entering the fight because she want to retaliate for her helpless daughter. It all ends after Shouko crawled towards Miyako, on her knees and head down towards her leg begging for forgiveness and apologised repeatedly. But in the manga, it was more dramatic, Miyako wasn’t there to stop them, Yuzuru had to call in someone for help, even after Miyoko’s attempt to break the beating failed. Miyako is also more cold towards Shouko in the manga too, after the incident. The movie Miyako was more forgiving.

Naoka is softer than you think

In the movie, she was incredibly aggressive towards Shouko. But in the manga, after Shouya’s fall, she eventually showed her slightly soft side, and also because of the movie, she gave the email of the music producer, signing that she’s slowly forgiving Shouko.

Character’s past was more deep than you think

In the manga, they did at one point, dedicate 1 chapter for each character, explaining the time frame between after elementary school to the point where they met again. It also explains their regret for ruining Shouya.

The reunion was incredible

In the movie, after Shouya regain conciousness from having a bad dream about Shouko, ran out of hospital and found Shouko crying at the bridge. They talked Shouya returned to the hospital. But in the manga, both parents and Yuzuru appeared, looking for the both of them. The hospital also called Miyako because one of nurses on duty was around to stop Shouya from leaving the first time, but after a distracting request from him, he escaped and the nurse of course found out, calling Miyako, sparking a search party for the both of them. The emotions were incredibly strong at this point for both versions, but the manga was more touching.

The ending

Movie ends at around 70% of the manga. The movie omitted the movie part, so instead of Shouya rushing to the toilet after their movie viewing like in the manga, he rushed to the toilet the first step he walks into his classroom during the school festival. The movie ends with Shouya overcoming his mental block and is able to raise his head and able to hear his surroundings without hallucinating. Pretty much wiped away his isolation. The manga went even further down to the point that Shouko decides to go to Tokyo to study. But one thing that is similar with both medias is that the ending was pretty inconclusive and also left the big question hanging, did the 2 of them eventually date? Who knows? I believe they would. Even with Shouya not being able to forgive himself, Shouko with her overly optimistic attitude, should be able to break down the wall between the two.

I would say you will watch the movie for more immersion and feels, and you read the manga if you want deeper plot than the movie. To be honest, I felt more bitter in the movie than the manga, even though manga has a deeper storyline

This proved that Yoshida’s script modification was excellent and she did not miss out on the purpose of the manga, but in fact enhancing the serious tone. Naoko’s direction experience from Tamako Love Story did the magic again. The two of them pretty much have a near-perfect chemistry for shows like these, they can pretty much do anything.

If you ask me to choose one, I can’t just choose one, both of them are equally good. I really can’t pick, I felt bitter and glad for both versions, but I’m more glad with the manga ending, because they eventually reunited again.

How about you? Comment down below. Hope my post gave you an idea about both versions. I may leak out some details, but I listed down the vital ones.



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  3. And Miyako in the movie and manga is very different too, in the movie, she appeared as if she was dumb or the maybe clumsy is a better description for her, specifically the burning the money scene, in the anime it appeared as it was an accident more realistic mentality wise (’cause who would want to burn that much money irl) and in the other hand in the manga plot wise, she was a strong woman she didn’t hesitate to burn the money just to convince her son to live on

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