3 Year Anniversary + March Update

Good day!

Yesterday, I realized the my blog has turned 3, and also I havent done my March update, since both of them are miscellaneous posts, so I combined them. I have many posts drafted into my backlog already.

Firstly, I wanna thank you guys for supporting me for the past 3 years. No matter if I didn’t post for a month, you guys didn’t leave me to rot and gave me consolation and tried to help me get back on my feet.

Now I have 240 followers, and I wish for more followers for your support as long as my blog stays.

Sorry I didn’t plan anything special for today, because of me losing track of time and didn’t realize that yesterday is the anniversary.

Secondly, let’s kick off the March Update:

  • I just completed quite a lot of shows as you can see in my twitter,so my post backlogs is piling up suddenly.
  • I planned Monogatari posts. They will not be combined into 1 post, because the length will be phenomenal. I will post it into separate series. It will take forever, but at least I have content to post and also buy time for me to finish Zero no Tsukaima. I will not arrange the posts into chronological order, I will post them the order I watched them.
  • I will post 1 blog post per day. This is to prevent depletion of content.

That’s pretty much it for my March update. I really thank you for your support. Next post will be out in a few hours. It will be Koe no Katachi.

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