My Blog 101: My style of writing.

This is a new series (?) I came up with a few days ago. Because I rarely write about myself, besides my monthly updates. And I need to revive the blog somehow. I need more followers!!!

If you guys are familiar with my blog, the way I write reviews are pretty simple, but word length can be quite variable, depending on shows and type of posts.

My style of writing a review is to immediately write whatever that comes up from the top of my head. The advantage is lesser time needed to write, but because of my rushed nature of writing, I tend to miss out on some slight details. I rarely write drafts for my posts. I also try to write reviews as early as possible, so that I can retain my views and opinions of the shows I watch.

My key of writing is to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Because I don’t want to waste your time reading a review that pretty much can be expressed in a few words instead of a paragraph. I don’t really like to post a lot of images because it will take some time for you to load, especially if I load gifs and many png images. I try to condense my content as much as possible so that I don’t take a lot of time to write and also no need for you to scroll so much. I know sometimes my posts go as high as thousands of words, its because it can show how much I love that specific series.

I also write about games. My Similar Yet Different posrs are for 2 or more shows, which have similar elements, be it characters, story or even casts. Those posts are tend to be longer because I’m combining 2 or more shows into 1 post. I also combine OVAs or shorts into 1 post so that I don’t need to make multiple posts. Those are harder to make a post because of their short nature, there isn’t much things to write. Blame my lack of expression. This method may help with lowering the amount of posts I have to write, but it also makes me run out of things to write faster too. That’s why I don’t do daily posts.

My format of writing is pretty simple. 1st part is about the storyline, character development etc etc. This is the hardest part to write because of my lack of ability to express my feelings with words. 2nd part will be about animation studio and the details. Pretty easy to write. 3rd will be music, be it OPs, INs, EDs and BGMs. 4th will be the cast list. I treat this part as my most important one, because a poor actor can ruin a show.

Ok this wraps up my post for today. Tomorrow will be Koe no Katachi so stay tuned.

4 responses to “My Blog 101: My style of writing.

  1. Well..that is pretty much how I write my reviews as well. Pretty much what comes in my mind and then just put it to paper…er to the computer 😂 Nice to know I am not the only one who does it like this 😊

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  2. I tend to be the opposite in a few ways actually, which is kind of funny.

    I ramble for far too long and got really in depth sometimes, which I’m sure explains why I’m not that great of a writer.

    …And I use lots of images too because I’m mean and need filler to make my walls of text look more appealing.

    …Interesting look into your writing style. I should probably take some pointers from you.

    But I’m too lazy to change too so… PREDICAMENTS.

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