AR starts to show: Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Hello. Fresh from the oven. I just watched this movie a few hours ago, at the point of writing this.

Original story, movie lasted for 2hours, which was adequate.

Storyline was amazing. The beginning was a small recap, but the pacing was quick, straight to the point. But some flashbacks and explanations can be pretty lengthy. I think I got an idea how the AR is about, so for me, the explanations can be pretty lengthy and naggy. The AR concept is slightly different from Accel World, but Reki still get the AR idea from Accel World. The AR headset isn’t as advanced as the one from Accel World, but its still pretty decent. 1hour into the movie, the story starts to accelerate pretty quickly. The battle moments were great and the monsters does give off nostalgia from the original SAO. Fan service is pretty obvious and open, expect some pretty hot scenes when the Blurays come. The new battle costumes were great. The climax did put the pedal to the metal, final battle was just incredible. The ending was a pretty sweet wrap-up. Overall, the movie doesn’t really feel like a 2hour movie, it felt longer, which is good. The story is just well done, kudos to Reki for paying back for what he did for Accel World. This movie felt very faithful to Reki’s storytelling style, which is a good thing to see. I love it, money well spent. The story was so good, it actually got me hooked and I didn’t touch my phone for the whole 2 hour plus thru out. The story background is pretty sad, and this gave Mother Rosario some justice. I did watch the post-credits scene, but I will not post my thoughts here because of potential spoilers.

Animations by the-one-and-only A-1 Pictures. They retained the character designs, which is good. The coloring was well done. A-1 finally got their shit together and make something incredible for once.  Combat scenes and sequences are excellent, backgrounds are well rendered. I love it, A-1 good job.

Music is another plus. Kajiura Yuki music has always amazes me. Kanda Sayaka singing the inserts are absolutely amazing too, the Kajiura BGMs with Sayaka vocals… Heavenly duo. ED by LiSA, I never really liked LiSA’s songs, but this one is ok.

VAs are pretty much the same cast, but a few additional cast. Namely Kanda Sayaka, Inoue Yoshio, Kaga Takeshi. Pretty awesome. I like it.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 8.5/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 8/10

Highly recommended. If you like SAO, and the movie is showing in your cinemas, go watch it. If you hate SAO, don’t bother. 2hours is a lot of time.

This Thurs is a confirm on Koe no Katachi. So stay tuned.

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