Time to go to Ikea again: The Blogger Recognition Award

I thought it ended but hey, it didn’t. Some of you guys know that I gotten this award already, but I have to make an exception. Amelia wrote a pretty touching nomination speech about me and I’m absolutely flattered and touched. Didn’t know that blog posts can actually inspire people. Am I considered a senpai now? And again, thank you Amelia for the nomination. Remember to check out her blog, she’s awesome.

And to make this even better, I’m gonna follow Amelia’s format. If you read my previous award blog post, and still remember it, its pretty much the same. Detail might deviate a bit here and there because it happened quite a long time ago and I cannot exactly remember all the details.

Where It All Began

It was in March 2014, during my Emergency Medical Technician course during my military service, I got bored of watching anime like all the time, because of the amount of free time I have there. I browsed reviews after that, then a light bulb lights up. “I could start up a blog for anime reviews!” and bam, I swiftly set up my WordPress in a jiffy. Its been fun, because of being able to write reviews, able to see your blog grow in numbers, and also, an awesome community. It was hard in the beginning, getting viewers from Google alone isn’t enough. That’s when I found Nick, exchanged links and ta-dah, “magic” happens. Views starts to rise and slowly earning recognition. Its a tough journey I have to say, but its very rewarding at the end of the day.

Advice to New Bloggers

Don’t be afraid. Its inevitable sometimes people do judging you for your anime tastes, reviews and thoughts, but don’t let that bring you down. The WordPress Anime Community here is pretty positive itself, everyone support and respect each other’s tastes. Even if we do have criticisms, we keep it to ourselves. It’s definitely hard to start, but don’t be shy, start to hang out with the big blogs and they will help you to get followers and viewers eventually. If any difficulties, just contact anyone of us, we will try our best to help you.


This is a legit dead end. Its either everyone gotten the award or I don’t have much friends. SORRYYYY

That is pretty much it. Thanks Amelia again for the touching speech and nomination.


2 responses to “Time to go to Ikea again: The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Congratulations on the award. Totally agree with your advice. I am pretty much amazed at how truly fun the WordPress community is, and how many amazing people I have met and keep meeting. It is a fun ride, and one that I would not have wanted to miss for any reason 😊

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