Pretty late as usual?: Feb 2017 Update

Hey, slow as usual eh? Time is a bit packed, so yeah, don’t really have the time to write. But this monthly thing has to be fulfilled. Time to chop chop this post.

Few things to address:

  1. I’m still alive. 
    Yeah, I’m alive and kicking. Work, school and so little free time.
  2. Anime progress.
    Managed to finally finish watching the ever-longlasting Shana III, now I will finish Zero no Tsukaima, then write a mega post, about 3k-4k words projected. Beware.
  3. Surprise! I got a slave co-writer!
    Yeah, I found someone to write posts with me, hopefully this will stop the overly long gap between posts. She’s not really ready yet, but a proper introduction will happen pretty soon.

I really want to thank you guys for your support. Even though I wrote pretty little nowadays, but days are so busy for me and I wanna just rest awhile.

Thats all for now~!

3 responses to “Pretty late as usual?: Feb 2017 Update

  1. Great to read you are still alive 😊 Don’t worry about the time in between posts, you will get around to them eventually. Running behind with things myself, so can relate. Looking forward to the next post 😀

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