Third Week: Winter 2017

Yoohoo, sorry for the late post, CNY just happened and I was overseas, I could have written this and draft it before hand, but I got too lazy and busy with collecting red packets.

As usual, this is my last weekly impressions post.


Akiba’ Strip Ep4

So far so random? It’s a bit episodic so everything starts from zero after each ep. I still want Niwaka’s my imouto.


Demi-chan wa Kataritai Ep4

I still love the succubus, she’s getting more and more cute after every ep. Ahhh. I wish they will feature an ep with her dressing up erotically or sexually appealing. This show has pretty good potential so just pray that A-1 doesn’t pull off any downhill magic.


Idol Jihen Ep4

The fanservice ep finally came! YASSSSSSSS. I think the music singles will flood me by the end of the month.


Kobayashi-san Ep3

The yuri elements keep rising. Ahhhh~~~


KonoSuba S2 Ep3

The show is still pretty flatline and they are still not revealing Darkness’s masochistic scenes for me to fap. Comedy is still pretty much there and the out-of-context puns keeps coming.


Kuzu no Honkai Ep3

Darkness is still looming around the show. I like this type of romance too. And yuri is inside this too, Tomatsu Haruka is voicing the yuri girl too… AHHH. This show couldn’t have been better.


Hand Shakers Ep4

The fight scenes are good, but its extremely inconsistent. It’s pretty obvious they went full hand-drawn animations but they are doing a bad job at it. I’m starting to get used to the character designs and color renders but the story is still atrocious. I cannot believe they can actually push out a story as shit as this. Glasslip is now not last place anymore. I’mma just keep watching till the end, since I was utterly disappointed.


Fuuka Ep5

This show is pretty loyal to the manga but the pacing is seriously going to end the show with that damn faithful chapter. Ugh, please don’t ruin the show like that.


Little Witch Academia Ep4

So far so good I guess. The pacing a bit slow so it’s starting to feel kind of boring. But I waited for a year for this, so it’s still kinda worth it. Will never drop such a show. Can’t wait to see how this story will pan out.


Masamune-kun no Revenge Ep4

I like how this story is panning out. I always loved revenge stories, but this one adds quite a decent bit of comedy to erase away the darkness and pain of revenge.


Nyanko Days Ep4

I loved this show, its like my Tawawa but its on Tuesdays nowadays.


Rewrite S2 Ep4

This show is escalating but the scale isn’t as huge as other VisualArt’s/Key adaptations. But I still love the show no matter what. Can’t wait to see how the story will eventually pan out.


Schoolgirl Strikers Ep4

I love the show, the drama shy away from the combat and quest intensive nature of the game.


Seiren Ep4

It’s official now. This show is taking the Amagami/PhotoKano approach. We will have 3 heroines of 4 eps each. First heroine ended pretty blandly, as compared to how Amagami ends. Can’t wait for the next heroine.


Urara Meirochou Ep4

The show is going downhill. I’m starting to feel incredibly bored with each ep. Surprisingly J.C.Staff did an excellent job with Flying Witch and this came in and snowballs everything.


So far this season is either extremely good, or incredibly shitting. Just like how Trump vs Clinton last year.

And also if you are looking for any good Japanese music radio…


Tune in to!

They have Firefox and Chrome extensions so that you can listen in the background, and dont need to stay at their site. But if you are as hardcore as me, you can get the Windows client. But you need to join their Discord to get it.

If you have music that they don’t have, request upload access (Which may take a few days, maybe weeks, depending on them. Process can be shorten by joining their Discord.) and then upload! Easy. After uploading, it will take a few more days of waiting for them to review your uploads before approving.

I have been with the community for weeks now, and they are nice people. So no worries.


And also I made a new Discord, join me here

This wraps up all of my weekly impressions for the season.

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