January update: slow slow slow

Hey hey, time for your monthly newsletter about… my life? Ok, maybe 20% of it.

Weekly shows are going well, I always have time for those.

1. I found a job

Yeah, after quite some time, found a weekend job, looks like I can extend my WordPress for another year. But who knows, I might lose it anytime.

2. Anime marathoning

I did swear to finish up on Shakugan no Shana but progress been pretty slow, 24 eps per season isn’t easy. But now that I look back, I wonder how I finish Nanoha so quickly. I’m currently in S2 ep2, will continue to watch once I find time to do so.

3. My laptop died, again

Shit happened, data lost wasn’t that bad, managed to get it back in a jiffy. But still, hurts, 60bucks isn’t cheap.

4. Blog

Even though I have a job now, which is a good thing, but the sad thing now is, I will have to push out blogs post slower and lesser. Another issue is I ran out of things to post for the time being so… I will try to be as active as possible, gaming posts are pretty much my time-staller.

5. School started

New term kicked off last week, another reason why blog posts are getting lesser.

and one last thing… If you are looking for any good Japanese music radio…


Tune in to https://listen.moe!

They also have Firefox and Chrome extensions so that you can listen on background, and dont need to stay at their site. And they have a Discord!


If you have music that they don’t have, request upload access (Which may take a few hours, it will shorten the process, if you join their discord.) and upload! Easy.

I have been with the community for weeks now, and they are nice people. So no worries.


Just a small update I guess, nothing much to say to be honest. See you next week for my weekly impressions post.

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