400 Twatter followers + 400 posts special: Romance that I wish it happened in real life.

I’m back? I guess. Thought it thru, came back after a bad sleep night. Time for some unrealistic dreams? *shrugs*

My blog, my style, no rankings whatsoever.

  1. Suzuka

Its a roller coaster, its bittersweet. Rejected for 4 times if I recalled correctly, they finally got together. Unlike mine. It wasn’t long until they got separated because Suzuka had to go to the US. In the end, they eventually had a shotgun marriage. I don’t mind the shotgun marriage, but this romance will make me cherish the girl I love more.

2. Kimi no Iru Machi (Eba Yuzuki)


A childhood friend who will approach you, support you and eventually give you up just that you can love someone else, even though she loves you. Girls like her pretty much don’t exist anymore in our society. She’s the reason why I wanna live at the countryside instead. I’m sick of the realism of urban settlements.

3. Clannad (Tomoyo)

Hardships because of the academic gap. Both scores and year. 1 year apart but she behaves more mature. She will never give you up no matter what. Ahh, so much dedication and patience.

4. Oh! My Goddess

Someone who is willing to help you no matter how much of a loser you are. Even though you both don’t love each other yet, feelings will eventually grow. Ahhh heavenly.

5. Sora no Otoshimono (Icarus)

I don’t mind if she’s an Angeloid. All I need is someone who is willing to learn and eventually love me.


So that’s it. I’m back. For now? Idk. Hopefully my dream romance can come true. Even tho I feel like its never gonna come. Oh yeah, and thanks for the 400 followers and the love you guys gave me to make it my 400th post.

10 responses to “400 Twatter followers + 400 posts special: Romance that I wish it happened in real life.

  1. Always nice to discover a new blog. With so much content out there, at times it is pretty overwhelming. Your blog looks very cool. Looking forward to new posts from you in the future! 😀

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