The show I wish never ends: To Love-ru/Motto/Darkness and 2nd

Hi hi, continuing the streak for now. Managed to complete the show finally. Including the OVAs, all of them.

Manga origin, the original ended but Darkness is still ongoing. Anime aired for 4 seasons. 1st season had 26eps, 2nd and 3rd got 12eps and finally, the last got 14eps. There are 15OVAs to indulge with. Quite a lot if you ask me. It took me a long time to watch this, not because of ecchi scenes and I have to wait for my parents to leave. I watch the show while they are in. But it was pretty long and I stopped watching this show for quite awhile before I continue again.

Story for the first was pretty bad, because it wasn’t really daring enough. They downplayed a lot of eroero scenes. The 26eps is freaking torture, besides the boring story, the ending is pretty weak too. 26eps felt like nothing. Motto To Love-ru came and I got back into liking the show even with the pretty episodic, chapter-by-chapter adaptations. But this made the story move somewhat a bit faster, the 12eps became incredibly short. It felt decent for once. 3rd season came in, they became more daring and more willing to do more to the series that it got pretty addictive. 12eps was short once again. 4th season kicked off just when I managed to complete the previous few seasons. 14eps felt pretty ok, but we get a serious storyline arc for once, which felt pretty fresh. Ending was pretty inconclusive, like all of its ep.

Animations by Xebec. S1 was pretty trash. S2 onwards, they revised the color schemes, character designs, that I love it. They kept on evolving until Darkness 2nd gotten the best possible quality that Xebec could ever give. Everyone was perfectly well drawn. Excellent quality, surprisingly from Xebec.

Music is pretty bad for S1. But S2 onwards, they jumped to I’ve Sound and things took a good turn. BGMs are pretty simple, but suits the mood.

VAs is a long lewd list. Watanabe Akeno, Hanazawa Kana, Fujiwara Keiji, Ohara Sayaka, Tomatsu Haruka, Arai Satomi, Nakamura Hideyoshi, Ito Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Inoue Kikuko, Koyasu Takehito, Yahagi Sayuri, Takahashi Mikako, Nazuka Kaori, Abe Atsushi, Fukuen Misato, Noto Mamiko, Yuzuki Ryoka, Chiba Chiemi, Iguchi Yuka, Hidaka Rina, Hayamizu Risa, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Namikawa Daisuke, Kawasumi Ayako, Mizuhashi Kaori.


They pretty much bundled into some manga volumes and adapts a few chapters in the volume. Ecchi levels can be slightly higher, but I felt that it can be pushed further. But overall, episodic with no possible conclusion so yeah.

Score: S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 | OVAs

Story: 6.5/10 | 7.5/10 | 8/10| 9/10 | 8/10

Art: 7/10 | 8/10| 8/10 | 9/10 | 8/10

Music: 7/10 | 8.5/10 | 8.5/10 | 8.5/10 | 8/10

VAs: 8/10 | 8.5/10 | 9/10 | 9/10 | 9/10

Recommended for my boys out there who are looking for some serious cocktease. Never watch the TV ver, get the BDs if you can, thats where the real excitements kicks in.

Oh yeah, did you know that there is a radio service that plays Japanese music all day? I DO!!!


They have Firefox and Chrome extensions so that you can listen on background, and dont need to stay at their site. And they have a Discord!

If you have music that they don’t have, request upload access (Which may take a few hours, it will shorten the process, if you join their discord.) and upload! Easy.

I have been with the community for weeks now, and they are nice people. So no worries.


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