Retirement special: Kawada Mami

No, not me. I’m not retiring yet, but she is. Well, maybe 6-7 months late, but we still never too late since 2016 isn’t ending just yet. I first discovered this artist back when the first Shakugan no Shana was hyping back then and the OP1 and OP2 got into my brain, looping so hard that I need to find them. Turns out to be Kawada Mami and Kotoko, I followed their music ever since. She and Kotoko often write songs for each other and of course, she herself write most of her own songs.

Akai Namida/赤い涙
This song was also back when Shana got multiple seasons and OVAs until I forgot where is this from. I love how Kawada Mami sang and managed to blend her vocals into such a sentimental piece of music. It’s heavy.

Shana II OP1. Yeah, one of her most intensive rock song she ever released. She broke through to a new genre from techno and electric to straight on rock and metal. Ahh, it’s too good.

Shana II ED. She goes back to her electric trance feel but with a pretty sentimental twist. I like this a lot.

Fixed Star
Back to electric trance with this one. Index movie ED. It’s pretty addictive.

I only found this song recently after she releases her retirement compilation album. I love it a lot. Sentimental trance is her signature.

This song is back to her early days where she still sings for eroges. It’s from Ringetsu, her music feels incredibly suiting for the “Moon” theme. Don’t judge me, I played the eroge.

It’s her debut song. Still a classic.

To Love-ru Darkness 2nd ED. Still good.

Hishoku no Sora/緋色の空
Yes it’s this song. The song I will always remember, the song that made me discover such a I’ve Sound utahime.

See VisionS
A pretty dark song. OP2 of Index II.

crossing way
This song is from AoKana’s PS Vita game music single. It’s so good.

And of course, every piece of music she produce, it’s always a masterpiece.

I will definitely miss this wonderful utahime. There will definitely be no one there to fill her void.

Ok I’m done with this post, I have posted the dozen of songs above into my music player, you guys can check it out. I will now commence planning for my Fall 2016 and 2016 wrap up and get them ready by Xmas. So long pause again. I will now marathon Nanoha, Shana, Index and Zero no Tsukaima as fast as possible to write more reviews. I might squeeze in some game reviews, who knows?

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