I’m BACK~~!!!!: Updates and Plans

Yeah, comebacks are sweet. Exams are finally over and I hereby announce that I’m resuming my blogging activities.

My plans for now is:

  • I will be posting a music post tomorrow. It will be a certain artist.
  • I will rush through Nanoha because the Reflection flim and Vivid 2017 is just around the corner. Currently halfway through StrikerS and I have recently gotten the Vivid 2015 BD, will marathon
  • I will need to rewatch the entire Shana franchise and then write a review because I will most probably give a pretty unfair score. If my attention span impresses me, I can get it done before Chinese New Year.
  • After Shana, will also complete 2 more J.C.Staff shows, Index II and Zero no Tsukaima. I will combine Index and Railgun into one post.
  • Fall 2016 wrap up will be done after Xmas the earliest.
  • 2016 wrap up will be after that. It will be a pretty long post, so expect a long pause after the Fall 2016 wrap up.
  • My Xmas is taken, I will be offline during that period.

Things have slightly changed for me because I have joined a group of gamers to do livestreams. Blogging activities may drop, but not drastically. We are still under the planning stage, so not going to reveal anything interesting just yet.



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