Where you go???: December Update and Discord

Hey guys, I know that I have been MIA for weeks and its about time I answer some questions.

Where have you been???

I’m actually studying a bit harder recently that I reduced my anime and gaming activities for awhile because exams are coming pretty soon. And just last week, my laptop actually died and had to go for a 3 day long repair. Turns out that my Windows 10 got corrupted and everything have to be done from scratch. Thanks to the account syncs function on Windows and Google, it sped up my restoration job significantly, and I pretty much got like 60% of my data restored in half a day. The rest are all animes which I have to manually download back again, this will take a few weeks.

I have not been finishing much shows, but I’m still watching currently airing shows. I’m just picking up shows that I left off hanging for months and trying to complete them asap. Reviews will not be done for the next 2 weeks, at least until I’m done with my exams.

I currently have clocked 260days of shows on MAL. With 1383 entries and 17000+ of episodes worth.

Oh yeah, thanks for those who joined the Anibloggers Skype group. We are still accepting people to join us. For those who are still interested in joining the Skype group, just click here.

And because of the immense amount of rants in our Skype group, dying for a discord group. I have also created one.


Here you go. Discord works pretty much the same as Skype, because since some prefer to use Discord over Skype due to performance issues, so I decided to create both instead.

As usual, we don’t bite, we don’t do coup d’états and we don’t support blog acquisitions.

And also, thanks for the support and patience while I was MIA and please wait for me a bit longer and I resume my blogging activities asap.

5 responses to “Where you go???: December Update and Discord

  1. “As usual, we don’t bite, we don’t do coup d’états and we don’t support blog acquisitions.” you mean “you don’t” 😀

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  2. I’m shocked …. discord?!?!?!?!?! ….. right what who are you and what have you done to Rayz?????. Funny enough I was thinking of creating a small aniblog community on discord with Matt. Considered me joined xDD.

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