Top 15 Signs Showing That You Are Lonely, Anti-Social and In Pain Psychologically

Hey hey, it’s been awhile since I wrote something a bit serious. Hey, this blog is real, it’s not always fun and games…

Just kidding, I would say it’s a really random thought.

  • You show intensive empathy to characters who has pretty much have the same predicament as you in real life. 
    Characters like Rinne in Vivid Strike, Kaname in NagiAsu, Kazusa in White Album 2 strikes me the most. You will see the character you can relate to and understand totally how he or she feels. Ahh, the sour memories… the salty tears… the rough experience.

  • You will feel incredibly good when the antagonist (especially those who are horrendous towards the protagonist) gets a sweet, painful taste of justice.
    Like the above for example… I know it sounds bad, but hey, karma hurts, it’s normal. Sadistic nature has to take over sometimes.

  • You stay at home watching anime or play games like all the time. The only time you go out is either family or someone asked you out.
    Sad lonely life, but lovely life.

  • Staring at waifus all day is more than sufficient.
    Like that guy above… smh. Totally not me.

  • Looking at couples… makes you sick.
    With the exemption of some anime couples… real life couples should just split. KekekekekeKAKAKAKAKAKA…

  • You will lose hope in life and ask yourself pessimistic questions and say pessimistic statements about yourself.
    If it drags on, you will slowly develop an inferiority complex and will always look down in society, thinking that your existence is just an extra.

  • You will lose trust to everyone. Anyone you know will only have an “Acquaintance” status.
    That’s the highest possible status you give to anyone. Trusting no one is like a defense mechanism to suffer the least amount of damage if someone ever betray you.

  • Time moves on, people change, but you don’t.
    You will always be the same. Time stagnates to you.

  • You can finish scrolling your contact list in one swipe.
    Most probably consists of your family members, some relatives and some… erm… “acquaintances.”

  • You feel incredibly awkward when your cell phone rings.
    Wait, what is this music? Oh it’s my phone ringing… SOMEONE IS CALLING ME?!!!

  • Another incredibly awkward moment, answering your phone.
    Erm… hello? Senpai-kyun?? *hangs up phone due to intense embarrassment*

  • Answering messages or notifications in a heart beat due to boredom and lack of things to do in the real world.
    And I’m one of them. You can ask my fellow anibloggers, who’s the fastest in terms of replying tweets or messages.

  • You will think anyone who wants to know you are just people that who want to take advantage of you.
    They are just people who will just come-and-go. You avoid making deep connections with them. Also a defensive mechanism.

  • Crowded places irritates you.
    You will hate gatherings, festivals, malls during weekends, or anywhere involving sardine humans. You just want people to stay away from you, no matter if it’s about personal space, or you don’t want so many people looking at you.

  • And lastly, you wish for someone who understands you… care for you… love you.
    It’s like your lifelong dream as a person. But you will keeps your hopes low so that you won’t get hurt.

Well, this wraps up a pretty… fun post? It was fun for me… maybe it’s just me… Well, you may not relate to all of the above, which is good, but if you are like me… *pulls tissue*

These are just my experiences, results may vary to every human, everyone is unique in their own way.

See ya next time…

2 responses to “Top 15 Signs Showing That You Are Lonely, Anti-Social and In Pain Psychologically

  1. I came across this article super late.
    But I could completely relate to alot of it.
    At least this article made me feel like I’m not the only one.

    Liked by 1 person

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