Sweet Ghibli and Sour Kokoro Connect: Kimi no Na Wa.

Absolutely stunning. Yeah, you can stop rubbing your eyes. I watched this movie. Time and money well spent.

Shinkai Makoto, the creator of She and her Cat (Original Version), 5 cm/s, The Garden of Words, makes a comeback with another meaningful and emotional film. I have to say, this gotta be his best work yet. He responded cries of his previous work being to short by giving us a 107min film of emotions. He did the screenplay and direction. Looks like nothing will go wrong.

Storyline is just… stunning. I love every minute of it. You may think the switching bodies is getting cliched, but what about switching bodies with someone from a different timeline? I legitly got lost at the beginning but the movie slowly shows me the way back. The comet plays an important role in the movie and also a gamechanger. The different timelines bodyswap can be rather confusing for awhile, but everything starts to make sense. Every minute of it will leave you hooked, you won’t get bored, and you will keep asking for the movie to progress faster. It’s not slow, it’s just that feeling of you want to know what will happen next. The climax starts to feel very frustrating because of everything you see ends up all becoming a dream and things has happened before already. That scene (above the text) is definitely the most touching moment and the ending will be a close second. Ending wraps up with a sweet happy ending, but maybe because I kept my expectations too high that I think the ending felt lacking. It’s a near-perfect film, exceeding Ghibli standards and definitely a must watch.

Animations by CoMix Wave Films. Sounds unknown? Maybe 5cm/s and The Garden of Words will most probably enough assurance for you for their quality. It’s extremely stunning, the way they animated that comet, is absolute amazing, it gives off a P.A.Works feel, but still unique. Character designs is totally over the roof, it’s too lovable. They invested a lot on motion capture and I have never seen motion capture animations been so realistic and smooth, it’s a pity I can’t watch this in 60fps. Backgrounds and sceneries are extremely beautiful, you can never see such beautiful scenes in animation. Color rendering is spot-on and it’s crisp sharp.

Music composed and performed by RADWIMPS. They actually did an anime-style OP at the beginning of the movie which caught me surprised. They performed with a extremely familiar feel from Galileo Galilei. It’s so familar that the movie nearly brought me back to AnoHana. The BGMs, insert songs, all are extremely suiting for the movie. It matched so well that it amplified the feels by tenfold. Nicely composed, one of the best BGMs.

VAs is a mixture of newbies, veterans and legit actors and actresses. Kamishirashi Mone, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Nagasawa Masami, Ichihara Etsuko, Narita Ryo, Yuki Aoi, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Ishikawa Kaito, Tani Kanon, Terasoma Masaki, Ohara Sayaka, Hanazawa Kana. Mone did an excellent job, she fitted her role so well that I instantly fell in love with Mitsuha.


Story: 9.8/10

Art: 9/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 9/10

Highly recommended.

Just a note.

For those who heard that it’s similar to Kokoro Connect, YOU ARE WRONG. Delete that mindset before watching the movie, you will ruin the experience.

Why? We are talking about 2 totally different things. Kokoro Connect felt extremely lacking and underplayed. Kimi no Na Wa managed to make use of the theme and setting to it’s full potential and added a sweet twist to it, this twist gave way to more feels and providing for opportunities for the story to progress even further than expectations. Really, even though they are similar in the body swapping, but they are totally in different leagues.

Got a chance to watch the show near you? Don’t waste anytime and watch it. Please.


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