Romance, Democracy and Junk Food: Love, Election and Chocolate

Hey hey!

I marathoned this. I was hooked by the 2nd ep and finished everything by nighttime. Omg, this show is amazing.

Visual novel origin, anime ran for 12 eps and 1 OVA. I was wondering when I seen the character designs, until I searched it up and hey, the creators of AoKana made this too. I wonder how a studio can be so good and flop so hard on AoKana.

Storyline kicks off with a “Political” scandal and a hit-and-run silencing method. Shit goes back to normal for a few eps, then escalates again. This school is really screwed up. It’s so goddamn political with different key sections of the school acting as individual political parties and also internal strike within the parties. And here comes a massive political scandal and the president had to be ousted. We also have an individual candidate. The president is protected like a goddamn gem with his own bodyguards and underlings. The show got even more political and show how weak their democracy is. Character developments were ok, but the character arcs felt really lacking. The ending is pretty ok, but felt really packed. The pacing was so mild that they ran out of time to do a proper ending. OVA felt pretty… extra, I was hoping for some closure, but ended up becoming a love rivalry. To be honest, Chisato is quite a nuisance, she can join Origami as the most hated girl of all time. Why? Treating other people as her replacement for her lost brother, something I hate the most. I seriously sympathize her for her loss, but on one of the eps, her actions really pissed me off so hard and I think that she totally deserved that tight slap from Yuuki. She honestly need a wake up call. Besides treating people as replacements, she also treat them as if she owns the person. I hate the Yuuki and Chisato pairing, Yuuki would have been better off dating Satsuki instead. This is pretty much the one and only big flaw with the characters.

Animations by AIC Build. Good job, I have to say. I wondered why AoKana had to be done by Gonzo when AIC can do such an excellent job like this.

Music was ok. OP felt like Amagami SS all over again but the ED felt better. One of the key weakness that AIC had, music composition and the OPs and EDs.

VAs is a pretty nice list. Nakamura Yuichi, Kadowaki Mai, Imai Asami, Mizuhashi Kaori, Asakawa Yu, Gibu Yuko, Ogata Megumi, Inokuchi Yuka, Fujimura Ayumi, Sanada Asami, Sakakibara Yui, Mizushima Takahiro, Suzumura Kenichi, Iguchi Yuka, Kugimiya Rie. Asakawa Yu’s voice here was the most enjoyable for me, she reminds me of Nazuka Kaori. The both of them can sound pretty similar.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 7/10

VAs: 8.5/10

Recommended if you like Trump vs Clinton, its that political in the show.

4 responses to “Romance, Democracy and Junk Food: Love, Election and Chocolate

  1. They kinda packed the story so you can feel it kinda lacking. But even in the visual novel you can feel the same too, since it is pretty much harem visual novel. At least the animation quality is better than the VN (Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate is from 2010)

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