The Mirror Plays: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


Hey hey, it’s time for more gaming gaming~~~

I preordered this game, so that I play Goku Black, but I’m disappointed they didn’t add Zamasu or Goku Black in Super Saiyan Rose. Hopefully they add those in the future DLCs.

This game serves as a sequel to the absolute flop predecessor. What are the main differences? If you ask me, I can list a few:

  • The multi lobbies finally supports true online multiplayer lobbies. But it’s still lacking, latency issues everywhere. The previous one make all the other players become NPCs, so you cannot interact them in real time.
  • The combat system gets a slight refresh. Super Saiyan transformations will not drain your ki, but your ki will recharge slower. SSJ3 took me forever to fill up 3 bars. From then on, I stick to SSJ2 or Super Vegeta 2. Kaio-ken still drains your powers tho. This is a nice change. Last time SSJ drains ki and everything which totally doesn’t make sense and make the transformation temporary, which defeats the purpose.
  • We move from Tokitoki City to Conton City. If you ask me, this place fucking massive. Like 20x larger but you need to beat Frieza to fly in the city. It’s an absolute drag to walk around this big city, even with teleporters, it’s still a bothersome thing to do. But with my preorder, I get a stickboard which acts as a hoverboard so that I can travel place to place faster, but its a chore trying to control this thing. So I rushed the game and beat everyone by the 2nd day. Yeah, I finished the story by the 2nd day.
  • Stats is now better. Your stats increases more now when you level up, last time my previous character at lvl 59 with the stats hexagon is still microscopic, now, my current character is on par with Gohan.
  • Graphics get a boost. Last time I can play XV1 with maximum settings with my old AMD HD7470M. But now, even tho it looked like the same as last time with more complexed settings, my GTX960M cannot reach the 40fps mark, so I set it in high settings, the ultimate settings doesn’t have much difference. Hopefully they can do some performance optimizations, because it doesn’t look that heavy at all.

Of course there are issues:

  • Team making is an absolute chore and latency issues plagued hard.
  • Made a room, but you wanna change your quest? You have to make a new room AGAIN and AGAIN.
  • Latency issues plaguing multiplayer play too. Playing with someone from the same country still gives you literally a red bar in the ping stats. There is a considerable amount of lag,  even with my 100mbps internet.

Well, let’s kicks things off with some long text.

The game storyline retells events from the beginning of Dragon Ball Z and Super and also included some scenes from XV1. What’s new is that they included the villains from their filler movies, also Battle of Gods and the goddamn Golden Frieza. It’s still damn short. What I can suggest to this massively bloating 10GB game is to start the story from Bardock’s death in the absolute beginning of Dragon Ball, that would lengthen things and also make my 80 bucks worth more. Nothing much to really talk about, just fight the villains. The fights are incredibly easy, I have to say, I cleared the entire storyline in just 2 days. Now I’m just fighting parallel quests and getting skills from other mentors.

Graphics feels the same as the predecessor, but then, you get more advanced settings which unknowingly drops performance for no reason. Fighting animations gets more advanced now. The interface gets a refresh but this game’s interface isn’t exactly mousefriendly, you only use your mouse to rotate camera angles and also using it in battles, but you cannot use it for the interface, which was a letdown.

Music gets a patch up from Steve Aoki and it’s amazing. Some of them were retained from the previous one, but some gets remixed from Steve or some new pieces of music.

The VAs are mainly the same from the anime itself, but we get a new character that appeared from the predecessor itself, the Supreme Kai of Time, voiced by the lovely Ito Kanae. Minaguchi Yuko’s voice finally come back to me and her Pan voice is absolutely amazing, SHE NEEDS MORE TEENAGE ROLES.

Score: XV1 | XV2

Story: 7/10 | 8.5/10

Graphics: 8/10 | 8.5/10

Interface: 7/10 | 7.5/10

Music: 7/10 | 8/10

VAs: 10/10 | 10/10

Worth buying?: For those who bought XV1 and was disappointed, you can buy this the game first and play, then decide whether you want the DLC. For first timers, buy it, it’s the closest you can get to experience Dragon Ball in a game.

Recommended? I honestly don’t know.

One response to “The Mirror Plays: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  1. Interesting review. Based on reviews, this game is quite the improvement compared to the first game. I missed out on the first game, so I might pick this game instead. I did hear that eventually, they will add Goku Black’s Super Saiyan Rose as a DLC.

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