Second Kick: Fall 2016 Second Episodes

Multitasking is such a skill… Well, time to finish up some work by bringing you guys my 2nd episodes feels~

Brave Witches

2nd ep is progressing as fast as Strike Witches, so far its moving nicely on track and hopefully it doesn’t go off-courseA rather lame aviation pun. Nothing much to say for this ep, but I think it has the potential to be better than Strike Witches and last for 2 seasons at least. 3rd ep will just be training I guess. The cast chemistry is as good as Strike Witches.


Girlish Number

Snobbish girl at it again. But I think best girl will be that Kansai dialect hottie for me. So Nick, you can give up using Chitose against me. The “Anime in an Anime” PV is so shitty, its like laughing at Studio Deen’s front door. So far so good…


Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin

It’s getting obvious, Sanzigen running out of money. They made quite a lot of shortcuts this ep. I personally seen them talk and flaunting about their CGI skills during the Arpeggio era and they claimed that 3DCGI saves manual labor, time and cost, looks like they were extremely wrong. They are definitely not rushed in time, but definitely the budget and the talents who can render CGI. As the story goes, its ok so far, its better than S1.


Flip Flappers

It srarting to feel like Alice in Wonderland, but with Gainax art and Rolling Girls feel. I don’t know how to feel the show, hate or love? I seriously don’t get it. 3rd ep will see, if I still cannot get this show, I will drop it. It’s definitely like Rolling Girls all over again.


Gakuen Handsome

Troll but I love it/10

Hibike! Euphonium 2

Is it just me or KyoAni has actually step up a notch in their animations? Season 1 didn’t feel like this. Fluid motions, the use of bloom in backgrounds, excellent skin color and color rendering… I actually watched this show on my TV so that I can feel the difference, it’s just… mind blowing. Story is still pretty stagnant for now, but definitely will escalate.



I swear, this show is like a gallery of hookers. I cannot imagine this show actually exists. I think I can hear feminists ranting about the show. So far, I’m still considering dropping, the fanservice actually turns me off and make me wanna puke instead of making me high. Such a waste tho, the cast sounds extremely promising, but have to be brought down to do Xebec’s orgy party. To Love-ru is an exception.


Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+!

I think they going 120% on the H-scenes, and I personally enjoy it. I’m pure tho, don’t judge.


ViVid Strike!

Ah I missed those Siri-like sounds with their extremely awkward robotic English. So far so good, but Seven Arcs seems to be stumbling at the animations tho, it feels so much different from ep1. I doubt this show will get a S2, I think it acts as a filler for the void of Nanoha seasons.


Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

This show can be a potential AOTS but will not get an S2, because Brain’s Base will be busy with Rinne next season. Story is progressing nicely so far, but this ep did not manage to bring out Kobayashi Yuu’s versatile voice acting to her maximum, compared to ep1. Hopefully in future this show make use of Yuu’s extremely wide vocal range. They made an excellent choice by choosing her as the lead, now they just need to find a way to make use of it.


Working!! Online

Ahh, I think I will take Miyakoshi Hana, she too much for me. Story is going full steam on the slice-of-life style and just wait for laughs. Nothing much to say, enjoyed every single bit of it.


That’s it for Week 2. Week 3 will be my last post for weekly impressions and let’s see which show I intend to drop… Looking at you Flip Flappers and Keijo.

Hope you enjoyed~ I will start to finish up on shows I failed to and write reviews soon.

One response to “Second Kick: Fall 2016 Second Episodes

  1. I was also getting a definite Alice In Wonderland feel from Flip Flappers. It’s all just that little bit surreal and at the same time I’d like it to eventually make sense.

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