I have no place for this on my shelf: Versatile Blogger.


Another nomination, so little space. Time to get this done still.

I would like to give my thanks to NEETaku-chan for this nomination and this proves that my blog is…


Versatile~~~~ WOOOOO big word there. To be honest, I am quite versatile. I game, watch anime, write my own end-of-the-world type novels, and lastly I blog.


  1. Display the award
  2. Thank the person who gave the award( including a link to their blog)
  3. Share seven things about you.
  4. Nominate ten bloggers (Sounds rather impossible for me but I will try.)

7 Pandora boxes waiting to be opened… Time for some shitty secrets:

  1. I can cycle up to 60km. If you are imperial, convert it yourself. Metric masterrace.
  2. I proudly put Date A Live tags all over my bag. Yes, I have 5 of them. Even though, I tried to hide my 2D tendencies.
  3. I play Anime music the whole night while I sleep. Yes, I loop them, 5k plus worth of songs.
  4. I can swim with outstanding endurance. I forgot my record but maybe 15-20 laps?
  5. I REALLY swore to stay single for eternity. Yeah, I have became that pathetic as a person. DON’T JUDGE ME. Now I fear my parents will set up blind dates for me. Asian fears.
  6. I suck at bowling. You can just bring me to be your gutter entertainer.
  7. I’m not that type of person who talks to people. I rather have people start talking to me instead. I tried taking initiatives but it all backfired, so I never talk when I’m in a new class or gathering.

That’s it, don’t judge.

As for the nominees:

  1. Crimson The legendary stalker. Beware, you better don’t try and hit on LynLyn, she will cut you in real life. #NearDeathExperience
  2. Deven Ruca Cute guy, but no homo.
  3. Nick From a small entrepreneur to a massive conglomerate blog, this guy can cause The Great Depression again if he wants to.
  4. Joe He did his best in the latest Digimon movie, but still…
  5. Shay The one and only. A girl who games and watches anime?! A hybrid!
  6. Lita Kino Don’t need much words for her, she’s perfect the way she is.
  7. Rukifer Russian or Romanian? Nobody knows…

That’s all the humans I can think of now… It was a pleasant nomination, especially this is only my 2nd for the year, compared to 4 last year. I need to find ways to improve myself…

For those who still dunno, I wrote a novel and its officially completed, click here if you wanna read it. For my next work, I have it planned and I will official commence writing next week. Stay tuned~

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