Why am I crying over such a sweet movie? : Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai (Self-reflection included)

Managed to watch it this morning. I was expecting a rather sweet love story, or a sweet journey towards a relationship, but that wasn’t the case. I think it’s just me and my scarred past…

Original works from HoneyWorks. I enjoyed their music and this project existed for a long time before the movie even came. The songs here are nice, addictive and catchy. 1hour movie can be a slight disappointment but it was all right.

Storyline kicks off with a confession, of course, but ended up written off as a joke, a practice. Actually how the story pans out to be pretty damn unique. Exploring all types of POVs in a romance show. Unrequited love, a crush, a couple dating, and childhood friends trying to progress further. The storyline turned out to be sweeter than expected, but it was not cheesy at all, a feat which is hard to execute in a romance story of this scale. The pacing is just nice, 1 hour managed to work nicely. Character development is immense, there is quite a lot of developments. Ending was quite sweet, managed to see a few more couples formed.

Animations by Qualia Animations. It’s a new studio, I think, I couldn’t manage to find more details about the studio, but they managed to do way better than expected. Character designs were extremely well done. I love them.

Music composed by HoneyWorks… obviously. BGMs hit the spot, the insert songs are extremely well done too. It made the entire experience more enjoyable.

VAs is a nice list. Tomatsu Haruka, Kamiya Hiroshi, Suzumura Kenichi, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Kaji Yuki, Hanae Natsuki, Yonaga Tsubasa, Asakura Momo, Midorikawa Hikaru, Amamiya Sora. This cast list is perfect. Haruka and Hiroshi as main roles, I’m sold.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 9/10

Recommended, but single people like me with past traumas will have to watch this at your own risk. Talking about past traumas, its time for a monologue.

Who do I relate to this time?

Ayase Koyuki

This is a before and after pic of him. He was like me. Before I get a crush, I was a bit sloppy with my hair, quite like an ordinary looking guy. But after I get a crush, I trimmed my hair and dyed it. I became more tidy with my own grooming. I didn’t remove my glasses tho, I hate contacts with a passion.

How are we similar? (The crush I referred to is the same one from my previous posts.)

Liking a girl who likes someone else. I feel his pain, his desperation and his frustration. He hinted his crush by getting her to a concert performed by her favourite band. For me, I showered my crush with gifts and asked her out for dinner. But it all ended up with… she dating someone else. For him, its a classmate, but for me, its a colleague. But one good thing Koyuki and me managed to do is encouraging others. He encouraged his classmate to get him to confess to his crush. I also did too, but my friend was even nicer, because of me having a rejection by a girl we both know just recently back then, he didn’t confess. He said that he rather do it after I confess to someone myself. I told him back that after that rejection, I will most probably stay as friends with my future crush as I have given up hope to getting someone to accept my confession. He told me I have become very negative, but I never really listen.

This movie made me cry a few times, even though it’s supposed to be happy. Please don’t judge. Lucky I didn’t watch in a cinema, otherwise, people will be staring at me walking out of the cinema in tears, after watching such a sweet movie.

Well that’s it, hopefully my post won’t change your mind about watching this movie, its a really nice one. You guys should really watch it, it’s really sweet.



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