Back to school?! (October Update)

That’s what nearly happened this morning. Train was crowded, wet weather. It’s a sign… a sign of having a stressful class.

Oh yeah, October, what’s going to happen in my real life?

I’m now back to school, studying Mechanical Engineering for my diploma, for now. Well, how was my first day? Glad you ask. Only 3 girls in my class and there is one good looking one, but definitely out of my league. And guess what, only 2 local kids in my class (including me), and the rest are foreigners. AWKKKWWAAAARRRDDDD. I kill my future life path with the course I picked… I cannot make good decisions in life.

Blogging side for October?

Not much plans for now. 30Day anime challenge has proven that daily post are hard to keep up and tiring. I will do random timing posts, mainly reviews.

Anime side for October?

Already written in my wrap-up and Plan-to-watch post. I do plan to pick a few more… but see how it goes. Oh yeah, I hit 17k episodes last week… Now I need to think of something to celebrate.

Novel writing?

Been pretty smooth, no blocks so far. I got the ending planned out, I just need to jot the lines to the ending.

Well, simple update. But I think I will most probably isolate myself from my class, judging from the nature of the class. I will also probably hide my Anime, blogging and novel writing activities from them…

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