Out with the old and in with the new: Summer 2016 and Fall 2016


Due to serious serious time constraints thanks to my daily challenge, I have literally no time now as the new season kicks off today. Time to push this out before my weekly impressions.

Sorry if this post fractures your middle finger on your scroll wheel or cause you blindness, it’s just too long~ I’m not paying for your hospitalization bills.

Finally, the heaty season is coming to an end… Time to wrap things up with a tortilla wrap.

Hatsukoi Monster

I honestly have nothing to say about this show. I dunno how to react everytime I watch this. I even ask myself why I watch this. THE AGE GAP IS TOO BIG. Horie Yui been getting weirdo roles for the past few seasons. Enjoyed? Nah. Hated? Nah. I honest has no words about the show. I even question Deen’s logic now. Good quality animations, character designs and awesome OP and ED tho.



Honestly, David Pro has downplayed the sadness and negativity of the show. They were only adapting it at 80% of the true nature of the VN. But it was not bad, 5eps were well-paced. Character developments were on mark. Character designs were decent. Animation quality could have been better, judging from their previous works. Now I’m just waiting for them to redeem themselves with the movie.


New Game!

I was hoping for more Hifumin X Aocchi, but no. Its more on Ko X Rin, but still quite a nice ship to be. New season? Unlikely but this was quite an enjoyable gaming slice-of-life, but Shirobako still wins in the job adapting anime genre. This show concentrates more on the slice-of-life, character development and massive fanservice that they somewhat only spent 20% on the proper gaming stuff. I think I need more of this. New Game+ pls. Character designs were extremely well done, I like it, they improved it over the manga. But the hit-and-miss part is the amount of fanservice, personally I think its too much, but my friends liked it since the manga is near zero in terms of fanservice. I guess it’s up to you.


Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

I will take Ram, thank you. Rem is for plebeians, only people with class can handle Ram’s beauty.

One of the most controversial show of the 21st century anime. No one was able to adapt a show like this since… Idk… a long time. Handling psychological, mental and magic issues, this show had everything covered. I love this show to the core due to its intense amount of negative energy surrounding the series which I always wanted. New season, now that I think about it, its gonna be quite unlikely, they really washed their hands on the anime by titling the last ep as “That’s what the story is all about.” I somewhat gives a hint to tell fans to stop dreaming for a sequel. Even if they want to make one, it will take them 4 years to get enough materia to do 2 cours again. The ending was pretty perfect the way it is. This is one of the rare shows that make me feel like the show is complete the way it is, just like Angel Beats. To all the fans, just let this show die, stop dreaming of a sequel. Quality was decent, for White Fox’s level. Character designs were spot-on, that’s why Emilia became my first love before I broke up with her to move on with Ram.


Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!

Not lying, but this might be the most legit season of all Fate Kaleid adaptations. The story picked up its pace in the matter of just 2 eps. The changes in one of the directors really did the job and the final fanservice feels damn rewarding. Character designs may seems similar from previous seasons, but in fact, there are improvements from it. With that new movie coming up, its finally time to wrap this adaptation up and let it die like Angel Beats and Re:Zero. What I’m still disappointed in is, the show still feels 720p native and also looks like its really the FINAL season of the Fate Kaleid franchise. Music also improved because of Technoboys Pulcraft Green-fund taking over the composition and also handling the ED. The ED might be one of the most legit EDs this season and also even the ED single songs are actually damn good. OP is still lagging behind, I wished Kuribayashi Minami to come back… Overall, 2wei gets the best OP, 3rei gets best story, best ED. 2wei Herz gets best time-wasting. 12eps feels adequate and I don’t mind if a 3rei Herz actually came. Animation quality did improve too, which was already good enough when the first season kicked off with the Dark Saber vs Dark Illya. Hopefully the movie will show us Silver Link’s full potential.


Kono Bijitsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

This show felt totally like Absolute Duo for some reason, it has been sliding downwards after every ep until I think this show could be just dropped to let me move on for better shows. Storyline is boring, character development actually went BACKWARDS in some eps, comedy were a totally hit-and-miss, character designs were ok and the quality doesn’t feel like Feel is actually making this. You can tell that this type of story and setting is definitely hard to adapt but they still went on with it anyways. Feel should just stay making ecchi near hentai level animes like I always used to see them do. Time waster? Don’t even try to use this to kill time.



This show is too sweet, I’m done. Storyline cheesy af just how I like it. Character designs well done, animations pretty decent. I honestly need more of such shows, or maybe more of this show because I ship this couple. Character development is all over the place. DAMN YUKI IS GOTTA BE SCOUTED BY NSA SOON, THAT RECON SKILLS HAHAHA.


Kyoukai no Rinne S2

Its definitely better. Its less repetitive than S1, soundtrack is a hit and miss. OP4 and ED4 hits the spot. Animations stayed the same. AND UCHIYAMA YUMI AHHH I LOVE HER BLACK CAT CONTRACTOR ROLE… And S3 confirmation sounds like a good news for me, but I bet people ranting “XXX needs more seasons than Rinne!!!”, etc etc, but I don’t care. Character development is definitely higher now. I don’t mind if this continues if there are more manga material to adapt. Good job Brain’s Base. See you in Spring 2017!


Love Live Sunshine!!

They failed to surpass their predecessors. Well they are numeral factor. Cast are mostly newbies, comparing to the professional casts from the previous LL. The pacing is far too slow, the escalation isn’t THERE. Character development is seriously lacking. And the characters most of them didn’t make much of an impression to me, I forget their names by the end of the ep. If Sunshine 2 comes, I don’t mind watching, since I’m a loyal supporter of the LL Project anyways. Hopefully they will fix it if any follow seasons comes.


Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara

13eps may sound disappointing, but the pacing is incredibly smooth, character developments is ok, storyline is pretty engaging. Everything else is pretty much maintained or carried over from the first season. Hopefully more “plates” will be served, I can take any foodnime anytime any place.


Qualidea Code


I’m still taking her as my wife.

Good show, didn’t hype for nothing. It felt pretty generic for the first 6, but then the 2nd half managed to save everything and it became damn legit I love this show. Flaws? Animation weak, characters poorly drawn especially when zooming in or out and panning. The nice part? Storyline, character design, excellent character development. The ending felt like a proper one too. Ahh that wrap up feels pretty legit, 2nd place for best wrap up, after Re:Zero.



Ahh the worst possible ending… Now that’s something I have been yearning for for the past decade plus of anime watching. You can call me a sadist, but honestly, I have been wishing for a show my entire life that has an ending like Rewrite, an ending that no one wins. 8-bit did an okay job at this maybe because Romeo Tanaka is in charge of the scripting, but I’m still disappointed at Tensho’s directing performance. This show ending was pretty heavy, but it felt really underplayed, it could have been better. I bet Ishihara Tatsuya can make a more satisfying ending for me, even with only 13 eps.


Cute af. That’s it. No need to say anything anymore.


D.Gray-man HALLOW

Yeah… Pick it up again after reconsidering for 3 weeks.Alma Karma rushed like crazy but still managed to pull it off, and then left with 3 eps, I expected a lot lesser. It became an ending that no one wants, cliffhanger. Screw the last 3 eps. OP was nice, ED was so-so.  Character design is literally shit and animations dropped quality a lot. Budget too tight.



This show was a shit show when it first started, but then it slowly progresses into one of the quite enjoyable shows for season. The animations technique is still fucked up for a anniversary show and I don’t mind a sequel, the ending was a half wrap half cliffhanger stage. Character design is botched by the mediocre animation quality.


And also don’t forget…

Digimon Adventure tri.: Kokuhaku

Ahhh finally the 3rd and supposedly last movie when we first heard the news, looks like we getting another one next year Feb 25. This 3rd movie so far brought back some old Adventure justice but the feels could have been better. Developments felt stagnant and the tragedy isn’t exactly strong enough. But well, looks like we have to restart everything from scratch… I think they will push it to the max by the 4th movie, hopefully.


If you realized, I didn’t post my Orange wrap-up, not because I dropped it, but actually I watched the live action ver after it finishes so I decided to write an individual post. I’m not sure I should write it after the Suwa’s POV movie or now… Let’s see how it goes.

Summer wasn’t good wasn’t bad. But some shows became extremely shitty, but some shows ended up becoming quite epic…

As I told Deven before, Fall this year is extremely generic. What to watch? My pick this season will be mainly comedy. Any comedy will do, since Orange’s ending failed to impress.

Brave Witches

Strike Witches the sequel? Nah not anymore, time to move on and find more pantless girls.

A spin-off from the Strike Witches, since they actually defeat the Neuroi for THEIR region, so let’s see how things goes from the OTHER squadron’s point of view. I bet it will turn into a fanservice whore show but who cares. NO PANTS IS THE RULE OF THE AIR FORCE. Why I have absolute confidence is this? Same director in the captain’s seat, same writers as 2nd officer and techicians, Silver Link Airlines, Sato Rina, Igarashi Hiromi, Takamori Natsumi and a lot others are your goddamn air stewardess w/o pants. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR?!

Gi(a)rlish Number

Weirdass title, couldn’t they just name it Girlish Number?!

Oregairu and one of Qualidea Code authors Watari Wataru is back for one of the most “not-so-unique-anymore” setting, generic light novel. And we are getting an anime for it. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed by how he did for Oregairu, maybe because it’s too realistic for me because I experience 80% of it first hand. The girls there could have been worst but I cannot find the perfect girl for this show which is frustrating because I cannot ship Hachiman with someone. Ok back to this Number.

Actually I was hyped, because QP:Flapper did the character designs for this and I have not seen anymore managed to adapt it better than Silver Link when they did GF beta. Studio 3Hz with their Sora no Method wasn’t exactly impressive but still a good try tho. Seen the PV and I think Diomedea actually nailed it on this one. I have not much idea about the premise of the show, but I’m willing to give it a try, solely because of the character design and casts. Newbies take the main seats as usual like for the past few seasons, but I was extremely impressed by Ishikawa Yui’s performance for Canaria in QC, so I will definitely, not drop this. For sure.

Hibike! Euphonium 2

I was totally fooled that this show was K-On in trumpets during the first season, but I was still impressed by how KyoAni managed to nail another music theme anime with extremely fine quality.

No need to say why, it’s because I watched S1 and I loved it, so I moved on for season 2. Period.

KEIJOOOOO!!!!!!! (?)

Screw the title, fuck the number of exclaimation marks, nobody gonna shout this one loud in public.

Sport anime? Psh. More like “Comparing the quality of boobs and asses” educational anime. This show will most probably set a standard of how men should pick their women in mating season. I’m done. Fanservice will always be part of the menu.

Okusama wa Seitokaichou! +!

I wish she’s my wife, I need an arranged marriage.

You know about sequels, I watched the first or previous, I will definitely watch the next.


Since I was unimpressed by Working!!!’s inconclusive ending, I will have to make do with this.

New characters, new character designs, some old some new cast, old studio, old director. Why I watch this? Because Tomatsu Haruka and Nakamura Yuichi. That’s it. I’m not lying.

That’s it. Yeah, I’m serious, I’m picking up only half of last season for this season.

Yeah, my Fall is generic, but we will see, I might pick up something midseason.

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