Day 25: I hope I could die like this.


I just finished Stairway To Heaven yesterday and I cried… or maybe sobbed for like 3 times at the last ep. I definitely can relate myself to Taehwa, I will walk down his path if I ever love someone but ended up the other party like someone else… Maybe not suicide by car, but maybe other means… or ways… I will watch Autumn Tales/Autumn in my Heart now… 16eps, how long can it be?

Ok, this ain’t a K-drama blog so let’s stop and talk more about animu~~~

Actually I have two scenes to post, so to build up the mood before she actually die. Actually this way can give an extra punch when the real shit happens.

Yeah, today I pick Kamio Misuzu. For those who were totally expecting Nagisa, sorry, but actually this one was so much better because it builds up the feels and squeeze everything out when she dies. Nagisa died unexpectedly, something that makes me cry only after the 2nd rewatch. The key to make me cry is when someone makes a sudden announcement of a terminal illness, then die the sweetest way possible.

One example is this:

Sorry, had to go K-drama on this, but this is one very good example to kill off a person and affect the audience at the same time. She died of cancer for those who wanna know.

Well, such deaths are hard to find in anime due to its nature of drama but it would be nice if someone could have an idea and make my dream come true.

That wraps up another sad Day 25. Not another roller coaster, Day 26 will be hard to pick… I think I will put multiple posts.


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