Guys, I have an important announcement.


Woah woah chill guys… It’s not bad news… maybe bad but not THAT bad.

Today I’m going for a 3 week anime hiatus.

What do I mean? A hiatus but its like taking a break from watching anime.

Why? Ah… about that. I have recently met a writers block on my novel so I decided to stop watching positive animes and jumped to the post-2000s tragic Korean dramas for the time being. I ran out of tragic animes to watch too.

Why now? Because most shows are ending and there is like a 1-2 week gap between the seasons so decided to use this time to do it.

What will happen? Don’t worry, my Daily Anime Challenge thing going on right now will still continue. My wrap-up and plan-to-watches will come next week. My novel will resume as usual. But my anime reviews or any other related posts will have to make a leave of absence.

Depending on how big the block is, if its too big I will search deeper for more tragic dramas and extend the hiatus. Unless the anime is a very negative one, then I will give it a watch.

If anyone watching Korean Dramas has any recommendations of tragedy types can comment below, I really need it.

So far now I’m watching Stairway To Heaven and only a few eps in and I finished a box of tissue.

Well, good luck to me and will see you soon~~~


9 responses to “Guys, I have an important announcement.

  1. I don’t go for the tragedies usually, but my wife really enjoyed 14 days: Gods Gift. Not really tragic but I enjoyed The Good Doctor.


  2. It’s more of a movie but have you seen Train to Busan? It’s really good and the emotional impact is outstanding.
    Anyway, hope to see you again anytime soon.

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  3. Same here. I didn’t watch anime for almost a month and watched only Asian drama. Seems like I’m leaving this phase now since I began watching ONE PIECE anime again last night. Why do you like tragedy? Do you like crying?

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