Day 19: Most epic? Only most heartbreaking.


Day by day, its a roller coaster ride of feels, one day its a happy one, another day its heart breaking… UGH THIS CHALLENGE CREATOR IS A GODDAMN SADIST.

Now back to topic, epic scenes? Cannot think of one. But if it were to go my style of epic…

And that was Part One… Everything about the ending is just… epic. I feel sad not because of it being related with my life, but in fact, it was an ending NOBODY wished for…

Kyoukai no Kanata gave 2x epic moments. No matter how I wished for it, it just keeps giving me a bad end.

And also Nia’s disappearing scene (I couldn’t find a good video for it)

These scenes will always leave a mark in my heart, of how deep can a good anime go.

My definition of sad scenes are scenes that relates to some of the tragic moments in my REAL life. As for epic scenes, scenes that generally sad, and also unexpected.

Hope that clears it up for me.

Day 20 is gonna be irritating…

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