7k view special: My favourite Anime song remixes.


Just hit this record yesterday. *clap clap clap* No time to waste, I need to share some legit remixes.

Petit Rabbit’s – No Poi! (nenpulse bootleg remix)

I gotta say, this remix is seriously out of this world. In contrast of the normal OP we usually hear, this song picked up the pace and let it drop a lot of massive bass.

TeddyLoid feat. Bonjour Suzuki – Pipo Password

(Taku Takahashi Remix)

(Luluco on SILENT PLANET Remix)

I know I shared this yesterday, but this is just addictive. I like the silent planet remix more.

ClariS – Click (Asterisk remix)

Woah, this is seriously something else.

Horie Yui – Vanilla Salt (Asterisk DnB remix)

Vanilla Salt can become so much better.

ClariS – Step (Bassmicrobe Remix)

Its so much faster now and I like it.


That’s all for now, this is just a small part of my remixes playlist. Time to undrop all of my dropped show….


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