Gurren Lagann’s little sister?: Space Patrol Luluco

This show is definitely fooling around. Never treat serious name shows seriously.

Its been ages since I write a review, so decided to write about a short show for a time-packed me.

Anime original material. 13eps of 7-8mins. This show might be the most goofy short anime in a long time.

Storyline is… epic. Short yet detailed and the pacing is also just right. At most you will feel some serious escalation in plot lines and they make it so anti-climatic that it doesn’t feel shit, its all for the sake of the comedy. Imaishi Hiroyuki, known as Gurren Lagann’s director, created a new studio and wrote this story from scratch and single-handedly directed this short too. You will feel the slight similarity in this and Gurren Lagann and especially the message they are trying to send at the end of the series. Character development is near zero but they proved that character development can also be omitted to tell a wonderful story. Ending was nice, the Gurren Lagann ending feeling is there, but slightly weak. I still love this show. Plot twists all over the place and seriousness zero.

Animations from Imaishi’s Trigger. The character designs is extremely well done and animations feel comically cheap. Frames are ok. It somewhat feels like a scaled down version of Gurren Lagann.

Music is excellent. Comical OP and BGMs, kinda weirdly serious yet fitting ED. I don’t really enjoy the OP, but the ED is woah.

ED TV ver

ED Full ver

ED Taku Takahashi Remix

ED Luluco on Silent Planet remix

All of them are nice. My favourite remix would be Silent Planet. The original is nice too, it reflects exactly on Boujour Suzuki’s style. Excellent job TeddyLoid.

VAs is a pretty nice list and surprising too. M.A.O, Enoki Junya, Shintani Mayumi, Hiyama Nobuyuki, Goto Junichi, Honna Yoko, Inada Tetsu. Well done all of them. What surprises me is M.A.O. Her voice for Luluco is pretty nice, I love it.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 7/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 8.5/10

I highly recommend this. It doesn’t take a lot of your time, it only takes 2 hours of your time and I guarantee you a laughter of a lifetime.



2 responses to “Gurren Lagann’s little sister?: Space Patrol Luluco

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  2. Loved Luluco when I watched it and I think it’s such a brilliant and fun distillation of Imaishi’s style. Though it came before, I would argue that Diebuster is more deserving of the title of ‘Gurren Lagann’s little sister’ cause I feel like Luluco did something distinctively Trigger whereas the other two are so ingrained in the identity of Gainax it feels more suitable. That said, the identity of those two studios is often so similar that it’s all semantics but I thought I’d say my piece anyway haha. Nice write-up and the show was a blast to watch.

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