Day 16: Art.

kantai_collection_brown_eyes_brown_hair_cherry_blossoms_kantai_collection_ninjinshiru_ponytail_skirt_thighhighs_umbrella_yamato__kancolle__1440x1080Zve0zgUAnimation is important. Nobody want to 2 stickman doing random things ending up wasting your precious life.

Actually I have a lot in my list, like UBW, NagiAsu, Hanasaku, Glasslip… A lot in my mind that it’s actually the hardest to pick out of all the challenges so far…

But there is only one winner…

Koe no Katachi


I watched the trailer. It looks extremely promising, the animation quality is definitely 200% more than how KyoAni does usually and LOOK AT THE FRAMES AND COLORS.

I watched the trailer and felt like crying already. I fear that if I watch this movie, I might most probably be able to relate it into my real life again… I think I need someone to watch this with me… otherwise… I might break down in the cinema.

I personally endorse this movie. Yamada Naoko directing, Yoshida Reiko writing. Best possible combination since K-On and Tamako. What more can you ask for? More tissues? I sell them for cheap if you want more.

Well, thats it for Day 16. Day 17 will be interesting…

3 responses to “Day 16: Art.

  1. I haven’t seen the trailer yet, but from the sounds of it I should. Is this the movie that sparked all the controversy on MAL about scoring shows and movies? Either way it definitely looks beautiful, I wonder if they’ll be showing it in cinemas here in Hong Kong. I’d love to see it on the big screen!


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