Day 14: Age is just a number.


I have unlocked a new ability: “Time Management”

Writing my novel, writing my blog, catching up and completing shows… I can officially multitask like a boss now.

Ok lets stop deviating for the subject and get down to work.

Old? What is old, is that some sort of liability of human life? Well, anime can get old sometimes but here is one exception.

Its a hard decision but I still have to choose one.


Well, definitely this. One-of-a-kind music show. The slice-of-life and comedy mashed up so nicely and the music theme does boost the enjoyment. All the songs were excellently composed and written.

I don’t have a favourite song for this show, all of them are equally matched.

Day 15 will be a bit tough for me… sidekicks… pets or familiar… sigh… Back to novel writing.

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