Day 13: Here we go again…

I’m starting to hate this challenge. 2 days straight of suffering, #FMFL.

Lets make this short and sweet. Watched 20+ eps of NagiAsu and 10+eps of True Tears is starting to affect my mental health.

Well, everyone kinda knows what’s coming, he will always be a mirror of me.

Isaki Kaname 伊佐木 要 (Nagi no Asukara)

I’m the only one who keeps and always will be asking this question, it will never change.

For those who are new and don’t know why and what is going on, click here. Everything is there.

This will always be me, time will not change anything.

Sucks to me eh?

I think after writing this, its kinda hard for me to change the mood and transit to Day 14. See how it goes for me.

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