Day 10: Perfecto Battle Animu

Me is Goku, you guys are Trunks.

Well. I don’t really watch much of such shows nowadays since I’m always been a slice-of-life person.

My favourite fighting anime would be…

Love Live.

Wait what? That doesn’t count?! Well they technically fought for their Love Live crown… Ugh you guys are so calculative…

Ok, so the real deal is…

Hate Live

I would say Dragon Ball… yeah, I’m THAT generic of a person.

Why? Thats my childhood right there, my first ever fighting anime and until now I still don’t mind rewatching. But the Kai could have been better tho.

They are one of those rare shows where training accounts for everything and when desperation strikes, they grow and become stronger.

And you rarely see such fast moving action nowadays, the other show I can think of is UBW.

This wraps up my generic post. Day 11 would be interesting, as I’m a heavy mecha fan.

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