Day 9: I have gone to the dark side…

Day 9 is a very dark day… The day everyone show their true colors…

Well, lets keep this short and sweet, since I’m “nice”.

This quite a hard one because I’m more of a slice-of-life person.

But that one guy will have to be

Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti

Well, he is the most twisted and sadistic villain of all time for me. His style of torture arouses me a lot. And surprisingly, he’s voiced by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu.

This guy just amazes me. One of the most insane villain of modern times.

I was planning to put Kurumi for this one, but he came up my mind a few mins later and I think his way of doing things is just… my style.

Well, this wraps up my pretty short and bitter villain post. Don’t have much to say because I’m a nice guy. Day 10 will be pretty generic I guess.

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