Day 8: OTPs? Psh, life is a lie.

Well, my most hated topic in this 30day list, lets get this over with.

This? NO, cliche. NEXT

This? Ok, they may have a tragic romance but still… no.

Too young. NEXT

Too alien. NEXT

Wait wait, so which one is it?! Don’t waste my time looking at the amount of hate you have.

Okok,  I shall stop and give you a legitimate answer.

This, Belldandy and Keiichi.

Why? Well, they did had a roller coaster ride romance, but both sides are equally naive and cute to watch. They are totally in a dilemma whether they are dating or not. Well, I wish them all the best even when the manga ended with them married.

That’s it for today. Day 9 will be dark… very dark…

2 responses to “Day 8: OTPs? Psh, life is a lie.

  1. Belldandy and Keiichi are an adorable couple but a little too nice sometimes. I’m gald to know their relationship went somewhere in the manga – the anime just kind of left them circling each other.

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