1k likes special: Top 5 Male Voice Actors that actually can pull off the best cool voices.


Hey hey, back to regular post from my daily challenge posts, today is a bit special.

I have hit 1k likes for this year, which is a new high score, and also I’m talking about guys this time, 3D guys. I usually talk about girls more, main reason why only 5 guys.

This can be interesting. Same old, no ranking whatsoever.

5. Miki Shinichiro

Well, he is one of my favourites and best picks for badass and cool characters, just look at the roles he do, even I find his voice extremely charming. From badass to sinister to playful roles, this guy can pretty much pull off anything from his vocal cords.

Definitely one of the best.

4. Midorikawa Hikaru

Well, another signature pick. One of his best roles is also Natsume Kyousuke and probably Sakamoto. I also respect this guy. His low voice can make my subwoofer vibrate.

Another disputable best guy. Stay cool.

3. Suwabe Junichi

Well, his voice feels refreshing for some reason for me. Archer is most probably the most unforgettable role for me, his voice is just… composed, no matter the occasion, atmosphere and situation.

2. Kamiya Hiroshi

*calls in the security*

Calm down fangirls. He ain’t here.

Well, he never do completely badass or cool roles. He can do nonsensical roles and even harem lead roles, sometimes even confusing main characters like Koyomi.

1.Takahiro Sakurai

Well, the pic says it all. Cool roles, elementary roles, sinister roles, you name it, he has it. He is also one of my favs after Shinichiro.

Honorable Mentions:
Suzumura Kenichi – Good guy, his voice is most probably the most distinguishable out of all the men here.

Ono Daisuke – Needs more badass roles to convince me.

Sugita Tomokazu – Really close, his voice is not that charming tho.

Nakamura Yuichi – His normal roles outweighs the badass, but he is capable of pulling it off tho.

Nakata Jouji – Classic, but his voice needs more exposure, so far Kotomine Kirei is his best role.

Hosoya Yoshimasa – Same as Yuichi.

Takehito Koyasu – Another distinguishable guy, but his voice lacks variety.

Konishi Katsuyuki – Needs more exposure, he lacks cool roles.

Wakamoto Norio – Another classic guy, but needs more variety

Well, this wraps it up, so far new guys cannot get as close as them, their voices can only do normal high school students, unlike them.



3 responses to “1k likes special: Top 5 Male Voice Actors that actually can pull off the best cool voices.

  1. Voice actors always surprise me by how many characters they can do without you realizing they’re voiced by the same person, or believe one can do the other. Like Mamoru Miyano being Tamaki from Ouran and also Light from Death Note, which are totally different roles~
    This was a good list, I don’t tend to remember names, but it’s always great to see these!

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  2. This is a great list. Thanks a lot for sharing. I’d have had Ono Daisuke on the list and not as an honourable mention but that’s probably because I’m a little bit in love with his voice.

    Liked by 1 person

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