Day 5: Guilty pleasures? Psshhhh

Good day, lets continue on this daily madness.

Hmmm, this can be quite a hard question for me, not to answer, but how to answer. IT WILL CHANGE MY IMAGE FOREVER.


But never mind, here goes nothing. The show that makes me red face whenever I mention or enjoy is…

Not Boku no Pico.

To Love-ru, every single bit of it, even when it pulls off more Nisekoi + HighSchool DxD than anything else.

Kill me pls.

Does this count as masturbation for Momo?

Every episode just arouses me so much that I can never get enough of it. I can marathon from the very first season, first ep all the way to Darkness 2nd, and now I’m just waiting for the OVAs.

The harem may seem generic, but I just love how fate likes to make a fool out of Rito and them physics, they can make a new theory out of their physics, its just mindblowing. The cast may feature some generic characters with little to no development, but its all on Rito. I’m just a massive S & M watching this show uncensored and when my mom is in the house.

Now thats harsh.

This wraps up my worst moment in my anime life. Hopefully you guys some sort of expected this and not change your image of the perfect me you guys always thought I was.

Day 6 is hard, since I have cleared a lot of backlogs I ran out of ideas… Can I skip that? No? Damn it.



8 responses to “Day 5: Guilty pleasures? Psshhhh

  1. You ARE a masochist BAHAHAHA You watch this with your mom in the house? I can’t even right now, I’m laughing so hard. Why on Earth would you watch this with your Mom anywhere near the house hahaha like dude what if she walks in? What are you going to say? Hahaha seriously I can’t stop laughing at that. Really though this isn’t any worse than my guilty pleasure. Diabolik Lovers is just a harem for the ladies (that’s one I used for the challenge).

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