Day 4: LET THE 2D FLOOD!!!

This is one of the hottest topic that people want to know, which girl is my real favourtie girl???

Some of my pals may know that I have a ton of girls in my room and they get jelly everytime I show them off.

So, the big question, who exactly is my favourite girl?

If this topic is in plural form, it could take me 5 days for me to write and 3 days for you to read, in fact I have a ton of favourite girls due to my… erm… coughloneliness and socially awkward personalitycough. greediness.

But that one girl will have to be…

Hiradaira Chisaki 比良平 ちさき

HEY, I thought NagiAsu was a taboo!?

I have never said that, ever, its just under absolute restriction from me ever rewatching the show ever again.

I demand an explaination.

I bet you guys were thinking I would choose Tohka, Syaro, Canaria, Yuzuru etc etc. Well, in life, you need some plot twists and this is one of them.

As for the explaination, remember after I finished watching NagiAsu, I made a quite emotional and also a bit stupid self-reflection about the show. (For those who had no idea what is going on, click here) As I put myself in Kaname’s shoes, I also slowly fell in love with Chisaki too, this feeling is something different from picking best girls from every shows, she is exceptional.

She gives off an aura, something that most 2D girls don’t have. Something that I have been trying to find in girls for ages, but ended up found it in someone who doesn’t exist in real life. Ahh…

So sorry for making such a supposedly cheerful post becoming into something depressing, but she is the-one-and-only. Another plot twist.

This wraps up a cheerful but gloomy Day 4.

Day 5 will be… cheesy? Maybe.

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