Day 3: As a guy, this is a hard question


As a guy, this is really hard. I don’t really admire guys because I always put my attention on girls instead, that’s normal right?

But if I have a favourite guy character, it has to be him.

Yeap, Kamina, he is extremely inspiring for me as a guy. He can really make the impossible possible, no matter what it takes, costs and sacrifices.

He can make once a pussy wimp Simon become a wonderful leader, a proficient fighter and an excellent husband.

Its an extreme pity to kill off such a wonderful guy in just a few eps. In fact his death was one of the most saddening and shocking moment in the anime, or maybe of all the shows I watched.

I can never get over this good chap, in fact I worship him.

Day 3 done, tomorrow is gonna be good.

3 responses to “Day 3: As a guy, this is a hard question

  1. Kamina is a man’s man! One minute of watching him on screen is enough to get you to grow hair on your chest and pull a tractor with one hand! He’s the best!

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  2. I kind of see Kamina as the overbearing big brother and found his death necessary to propel Simon on his hero journey. I do have to admit his can do attitude is quite refreshing amongst a sea of characters full of self-doubt.

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