Day 2: Too many good shows to list.


Now lets escalate everything extremely quickly.. Because of my 250+ days worth of shows, things might get a bit… naggy and long-winded.

Now one of my favourite topics in Anime, favourite shows. Finally can relive the past that I always love.

1. Date A Live


As always, many people knew but this still have to be on the list. The harem that isn’t forced, the way they express the romance, the storyline, the character designs, nearly everything about the show is near perfection. Budget wise it can be very intense, but this show could have been a lot better if the budget they have were multiplied by 3 or more. But I couldn’t ask for more, from the effort and dedication they blended the fanservice and the main story together, its something you don’t see in every show nowadays. I will never get sick of the show. Beware, this show will come out again in the next few days in my 30Day Challenge.

2. Noucome


This show is just, amazing. The harem that is unique, the setting, storyline, character design and its accuracy, color palettes… nearly everything is perfect. The characters are extremely lovable and not annoying at all. But this show was too short and ended everything at that spot where things were about to pick up speed. This show might pop up again in my 30Days again.

3. Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

A pinch of harem and a lot of spice. Enemies that fight for the same room ends up became friends. Character designs were top-notched and the storyline is as sweet as it can get but then it feels damn short.

4. Kanon

One of the best comedy-blended-with-tragedy shows. 24eps covering the entire novel and did not disappoint one bit. The tragedy was not at all underplayed in fact they just let the mood flow towards and infects you. This is the type of show I loved.

5. Clannad

As always, the epic tragedy show. This show managed to pull off what Kanon did, blending the comedy with tragedy perfectly. In fact, they let you get addicted with the comedy before they spill the catastrophe all over you. Clannad is the appertiser and After Story became the epic main course that nobody wants but still people wish it to happen.

6. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

They managed to do something Madoka Magica did but a bit better and a lot more tragic and darker than anyone thought it would be. Just when everyone finally had peace, the tragedy starts rolling in and the dessert at the end managed to make people feel better with a sense of completion. This show’s ended made the series feel extremely complete, its like a nice happily ever after ending.

I will stop here, because of time constraints and plus, I don’t want to bore you guys out. So stay tuned for tomorrow.

2 responses to “Day 2: Too many good shows to list.

  1. Probably the first time I heard someone mention Rokujouma no Shinryakusha. It was super enjoyable, I wish there was a second season. I have been tempted for some time to go and watch it again.

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