My Birthday Gifts…

Its a random feature image btw.

I know this post came a week late but still better late than never.

I have 2 gifts this year. First will be this.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium


Photo taken on my old Xperia Z1 w/ Background Defocus. And yes, those are my Yuzuru and Tohka phone straps.

Yeah, after a 1 year plus break I officially went back to Sony. I bought it in Gold and it doesn’t look too tacky. I wanted to get the Chrome because of its mirror back, but they ran out. I miss Sony’s purple color.

Some of the techy guys be thinking, “Why get a 2015 phone? Why didn’t get the Xperia X series instead?”. Because it looks like a downgrade to me, the specs on the Xperia Z5 Premium feels extremely superior especially the 4K screen, even tho most of the time it runs on 1080p, but 4k videos and images is seriously something in the future. I can feel the difference of the screen resolutions when I compare the same images with my Z1 and Z5 Premium. The Z5 P made full use of the screen pixels to make it extremely sharp. 5.5in screen isn’t too big nor too small, it feels just right. Slightly heavier than my Z1 but because of the weight, it feels more stable and sturdy than the Galaxy Notes with their massive size and featherweight. The fingerprint scanner is on the power button itself so its more convenient than what the other manufacturers are offering.

After 2 weeks of usage, there isn’t any issues and I love the phone a lot.


Don’t be surprised. This is my Sony collections from over the years. Left to right: Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB70AP (the earpiece), Sony HD-E2 2TB HDD, Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB950BT, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Sony Smartwatch 3, Sony Xperia Z1, Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB920

That is how dedicated I was, I really appreciate Sony’s technology and I never wavered.

That’s all for the tech side, now its time for something else.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? – Kirima Syaro


Photo taken on Xperia Z5 Premium. JUST LOOK AT HER, SHE’S PERFECT.

I preordered her as early as Dec last year, and it came just a week before my birthday. They only had this Syaro figurine and its from the Season 2 ver, so I preordered it right away. You may say S1 and S2 has no differences, but its always better to get the newer one.

Don’t get jelly over the gifts. Next post will most probably be tomorrow.

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