I’m DONE. (September Update)

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-02 at 8.41.47 PM

I’m the guy in the middle with the blue beret, obviously.

Hi guys, I didn’t really post much for the past few weeks because:

  1. I was sick.
  2. Birthday last week so was quite busy.
  3. And I was preparing for this… DISCHARGE!

I have been discharged from mandatory military service after 2 long years and its finally over for me. I just came back from my discharge parade a few hours ago.

And now for the real deal, my monthly update.

I so far did NOT finish ANY show at all because of the things happened above and was too tired and lazy to watch.

But now since I have my weekdays again, I’m going to do something. Yes, something big, I will reveal it in a few mins after this post.

So whatcha gonna do now?

I’m going back to study, will start school on Oct 3 so I’m currently free now. And also complete my backlogs as soon as possible. I will start going back to blog work as soon as tomorrow.

This pretty much wraps up my short, and quite sweet update. But if you want to know how my 2 years of service was like, let me know below, I will find a day to post it.

See you guys later.



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