Underwhelming Heroines: To Heart and To Heart 2



Good evening.

Well I did say I wasn’t going to post anything this week, but then it feels kinda weird for me not posting thing on my weekends, so decided to post one anyways. To wrap this part up, I lied.

This one will be rather lengthy I guess, 2 series of shows with the 2nd series having a bunch of OVAs, whew.

Both are adapted from their own VNs series but both are not linked whatsoever, so you can pick whichever one to watch first.

To Heart

Best maid robot in awhile.

This show is rather short, and sweet. 13eps of 2 seasons.

The storyline can look appealing at first, but as the story progresses, it became excessively peaceful slice-of-life without much action from the harem on pursuing the guy. The show doesn’t really focus a lot on the main characters but concentrates on the side stories more. Season 1 ended very inconclusively and then the 5-years-too-late sequel finally came and then kick things off with a rather hit-or-miss approach. One good thing they finally have is, actual story progression. I was expecting a rather deep ending, but ended up severely disappointed. The ending was pretty much floating to nowhere and not a certain answer to who gets the guy. Character development varies here, development escalates at the Multi arc, but it was still very underwhelming, the somewhat best arc of the series became a heavily underplayed plot like an empty bus stop. Don’t expect a deep story or even watch this show seriously, you will end up disappointed, but Multi did managed to save the show somewhat. The running gags are all on Multi somehow, which made the show had a 180 degree turn before it turned back again after Multi got shelved at the end of her arc.

Animations by OLM for S1 and OLM with AIC A.S.T.A for S2. S1 was utterly disappointing, even for an 1999 show, it feels rather cheap and sloppily made. Extremely lacking in frames and colors heavily washed out. 5 years later, AIC came into OLM’s office and decided to override OLM’s default animation settings to bring us a rather better looking show. Colors are vivid, and standards are somewhat matched to 2004 standards. But flaws are still there, but not as bad as S1. Character designs is debatable, some like it some doesn’t. Honestly S1’s design was atrocious but they managed to draw Multi perfectly, surprisingly. S2 revised the designs but it still looked bad, Multi nearly got disfigured.

OP1 was ok, but Yonezawa Madoka yes, Ui’s VA managed to sing it way better. OP2, the EDs was bland, even with a lot of multiple EDs. BGMs were very sloppy too.

The VA list has quite a few big names. Ichijo Kazuya, Kawasumi Ayako, Horie Yui, Higuchi Chieko, Hisakawa Aya, Iwao Junko, Otani Ikue, Hoshi Soichiro. All did their job, but I was surprised at Ayako’s role and extremely pleased with Yui’s voices. Never knew Ayako could voice is this, she’s like Toyoguchi Megumi, voicing rough roles with little to no chances to voice a normal high school student.

Multi will always be best maid, even if she robot.

To Heart 2

The sequel came and it feels naggy. 1 season of 13 eps with 5 OVAs! That adds up to nearly 2 seasons.

Season 1 storyline is definitely a lot better than its predecessor, but it still feels lackluster. The harem is definitely more prominent now, but it still focuses away from the main characters to concentrate on episodic individual charater arcs. They condensed the show so heavily because the amount of girls in the harem has increased and they “only” have 13 eps. Ending was extremely cliffhanging, feels like an incompleted script. OVAs came in with new characters with no intros. The episodic streak continues like as if the show is opening more new timelines or creating more reboots. The OVAs ended up being more entertaining than the main series. The last OVA was so out-of-the-blue with the Danmachi-theme came out of nowhere. Ending was so bad as they got stuck there forever? Or they got out? Ugh, overall the series ended up like as if the project ran out of funds to make a proper conclusion. Character developments was minimal, extremely minimal, throughout the series, it stays pretty stagnant throughout. The running gags managed to exist all over Lucy with her alien self and personality, she brought the show up but not as much as how Multi did. I was expecting for Ilfa to be as naive as Multi, but ended up to be so perfect that Silfa had to took over the clumsy role.

Animations by OLM for S1, Aquaplus (the creator itself) and Chaos Project were in charged for the OVAs. Aquaplus practically fired OLM and ended up making the show themselves. S1 felt very… lackluster, again. Colors were very bland, character designs couldn’t get any worse, a 2005-2006 show shouldn’t look like this at all. OVAs completely revised the designs from scratch and they looked a lot more presentable. Colors are a lot more vivid and lines were crisp and finally comes in Bluray. But they maintained the quality for 6 years with no means of improving, even the last OVA released which was released in 2012, ended up looked like it came from 2007. Its not necessary a bad thing, because you can remember the characters better, but at least update the animations.

Music was erm… weak. OPs and EDs never clicked for me and the BGMs were better composed this time.

VAs is a huge list with quite a few huge names. Fukuyama Jun, Ito Shizuka, Rikimaru Noriko, Ochiai Yurika, Nabatame Hitomi, Nakajima Saki, Natsuki Rio, Sato Rina, Saito Chiwa, Sakurai Harumi, Ono Ryoko. Ito Shizuka saves the day again.

I’m stuck with Tamaki and Silfa, both are charismatic or cute in their own way that I cannot pick one.

Score: To Heart | To Heart 2

Story: 6.5/10(S1, S2) | 7/10(S1), 8.5/10(OVAs)

Art: 6/10(S1), 7.5/10(S2) | 6.5/10(S1), 8/10(OVAs)

Music: 5/10(S1, S2) | 6/10(S1, OVAs)

VAs: 8/10(S1, S2) | 8.5/10(S1, OVAs)

Recommended? Complete waste of time, storyline wise, in fact it took me a long time to finish this, so unnecessary. Girls are nice but if you wanna feel the Galge anime feeling, just go and watch it then. Drink lots of coffee beforehand.






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