300 posts special: Shows that I will never watch ever again.


Since I wrote a must-rewatch show post yesterday, why not today post something opposite. I hit 300posts quite a long time ago that I forgotten about it.

Lets kick things off with things you have seen before.

1. Nagi no Asukara


Its ok, I don’t need to say why. Painful review available, just search away. Beware, Negativity alert.

2. White Album 2


Also don’t need to say why. Sour review also available, just search. And also darkness alert.

3. Orange

I know its still incomplete, but still, the few eps gave me enough pain for me to tell myself this show will be a one-time thing. Review will be inside my mass Summer season summary coming in about a month or so.

4. True Tears

Its not that overwhelming, but some romance sense of the show make me able to relate it in my real life. Review available for this one, search away.

5. Corpse Party

Its too bizarre for me to ever touch this show ever again. One time is more than enough to scar minds. Review is available bundled with Baldr Force and Under The Dog, just copy and paste into my search bar.

6. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Actually I’m not really sure, because I feel like watching it again for the sake of understanding the despair better, but the depressing theme is stopping me from watching it again. So Imma just stick to stop watching it. Review will be done whenever Evangelion 3.0+1.0 finally comes out.

7. Little Busters

No matter I miss or love the show, I will never rewatch this one because of how Yuiko never had a proper conclusion and how pitiful I feel for Yuiko. This might be one of the longest yet uncomprehensive Key/Visual Arts adaptation of all time. But despite all that, it was still a touching show. Complete review is already ready, just search like you always do.

8. Monogatari series

No matter how good the cast is, how hypnotic the storyline is, no matter how many times you watch it, it feels exactly the same everytime. No point watching over and over. But I have quite a few seasons in my backlogs so I will not write the review until Monogatari officially ends, because Shaft is committed to adapt every single volume of the light novel.

This wraps up the post, but why stop at 8 titles? Because I ran out of ideas. Whoops, writers block inbound.





One response to “300 posts special: Shows that I will never watch ever again.

  1. Pretty fair list. I chuckled at the Monogatari inclusion because I myself would only tentatively undertake the impressive feat of watching it in it’s eventual entirety once again. It’s one thing to marathon something adventurous and simple but to start again and mull through Monogatari’s 70+ or so episodes all over again sounds mentally exhausting haha.

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