The only mecha show that make Shonen dreams come true: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Back to more reviews, this one touched my heart deeply, my shonen heart.

Original work straight from everyone’s favourite Gainax. Anime ran for 26eps and 1 recap, with 2 movies. The movies are a mixed recap and a lot of new material which deviates the story away from the anime in an attempt to make an even meaningful experience, in fact, the movies made my kokoro die faster than the anime. This show has proven that the producers have put in their absolute heart and soul into the storytelling with the pledge that they will never disappoint anyone. This is even more meaningful than watching other mecha animes, even better than Gundam Seed series or OO.

Anime Ver.

It sometimes feel like its straight from a shonen manga, but they managed to execute the shonen dream feel so perfectly, my kid side of me is actually cheering for Gurren Lagann. But then when Kamina unexpectedly dies, everything turns upside down and the storyline becomes thicker and deeper than expected. Character developments were massive and never stop progressing. Its progresses so much that it has multiple possibilities of who is going to date who. The story gives off a slight Gundam AGE feel when the story time skips after the first arc. Plot twists at every ep after that and you are totally in the blind in the show. The show never failed to surprise or make you laugh at every ep. The climax was extremely shonen-like and they managed to drag it for 5eps but you won’t feel that its being draggy as everything is a keypoint of the climax. The ending was actually expected but you will still feel for it. I cannot handle how Nia disappears, its just… shit… Epilogue, everyone happily every after and its so heartwarming to see how Simon grew from a wimp driller to a charismatic philosopher.

Movie Ver.

There are 2 movies. As for Movie 1, it was sott of a recap, but they condensed the story and sped up the pace of the first arc too, with slight deviation from the anime, the outcome was not tangible to the end of the movie. Everything starts to happen in Movie 2. Its also a slight recap, but then they heavily deviate the story, lessen the amount of deaths of the good lads. The end result is that the final battle gotten even more dramatic and even more shonen-like. The battle seemed never ending even tho it was still shorter than the anime. The end of the battle ended up in a fist-to-fist and then a Final Blow Drill. Nia’s death was pretty much the same, but because they went through more hardships in the movie that it feels more heavy than the anime, it was more emotional. Epilogue was pretty much the same. Character developments were the same as the anime for movie 1, but movie 2 managed to branch out even further than how they did in the anime. The story deviation proves that it is actually pretty effective.

Animations from Gainax, and WOOHOO THE QUALITY THO. The shonen manga art, the amount of frames, the colors used, its just perfect. In fact the quality increases throughout the anime run and the quality peaked during the movie, with the amount of saturation of the colors compared to the anime. They perfectly made Nia’s death looked very extravagant, ah, it aggravates the feels too. Character designs were gorgeous, its also ripped off from a shonen manga, but hey, its really good, so I won’t bother so much about it.

Music was ok. BGMs will always be there, no matter its happy or sad, it fits so perfectly. OP was nice, but ED was so-so. Even tho the OP was the same, but they split it into 3 vers and they played different verses. The good ones were the movie OSTs.

Anime OP TV Ver 1

Anime OP TV Ver 2

Anime OP TV Ver 3

Anime OP Full Ver.

Movie 2 ED Full

Too many to list. Nakagawa Shoko is extremely good.

VAs is a massive list of pretty awesome cast. Kakihara Tetsuya, Konishi Katsuyuki, Inoue Marina, Fukui Yukari, Hiyama Nobuyuki, Ito Shizuka, Honda Takako, Sato Rina, Ueda Kana, Asumi Kana. Too many to list too, even with recurring roles there is over 20+ voice actors and actresses. Unlike Mayoiga, which also have comparable amount of characters, each characters in Gurren Lagann actually made an impression, so I have no problems remembering everyone of them. Nonetheless, everyone did their jobs, in fact excellent jobs, you can feel the heart and soul they put in in their roles, this also help to make the show even more engaging, and also aggravated the feels for the ending.


Story: 9.5/10

Art: 9/10

Music: 8.5/10

VAs: 9/10

Extremely highly recommended, in fact, kids can watch this too, as long as the fanservice ep you got was censored. Don’t learn from me, watching it raw.


11 responses to “The only mecha show that make Shonen dreams come true: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

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  2. A truly legendary show and really deserving of its staple-status. It captures the style you talk about both visually and thematically. A story about growing up and believing in yourself that only Gainax could tell. NIce post.

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  3. I am here because of the blog carnival.
    I love this anime. Kamina was an awesome bro and I like the change of Simon from being a scared boy to a leader. I can’t get enough of the opening song. This anime is pure art haha.

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  4. I really enjoyed Gurren Lagann though admit I was also tempted to drop it early on (glad I didn’t as once the story get’s going it just keeps going at full speed). Thanks for sharing.

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  5. The carnival’s spiral fighting energy brought me here. A great post with a lot of passion. I prefer some of super robot offerings over GL, mainly because of the ending and I feel like the time skip does make the pace slump a bit in the middle before picking back up near about the three quarters mark, but overall I still really enjoy it. Not a lot of works let the heroes fight the moon. Then keep it.

    I’ll be following from here on out!

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  6. Lots of people love this show. I dropped it on the 5th episode, but that’s before I got into Gundam and became a mecha convert. Will pick this up again one of these days and see if I’ll love it like everyone else. And yay for Nakagawa Shoko! I adore her because she’s a cat lover like me. . .although she’s on a whole different level. And of course her songs are great.

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