Stats Exceeding Special Post: Some good music I found in my Playlist


Yesterday, my views, visitors, likes and comments numbers have finally exceed what I have achieved last year, and decided to celebrate about it by making this musical post.

I spent too much time on the previous review that I wanna do this instead, don’t worry, you know my music tastes, they are awesome.

Michinochimoshi kimi no kimochi [Timothy Rap] – Timothy (CV. Morinaga Chitose) [Anne Happy]

This is addictive, its been looping in my head since Timothy rapped this on Anne Happy.

Hardy Buddy – Reitia Saint-Émilion (CV. Otsubo Yuka) and Fritz Glanz (CV.Hatano Wataru) [Hundred ED3]

Hundred’s excellent OST streak continues, I really love this ED.

Beautiful Life – Shiggy Jr. [Kyoukai no Rinne ED2]

OMG, this ED tho, Kyoukai no Rinne’s indie taste improved in S2. The vocalist sounds and looks pretty cute.

Sweet Clapper – livetune+ (kz & Anna Yano)

Milky Rally – livetune+ (kz & Anna Yano)

I really love Livetune’s music, with Anna Yano’s sweet vocals, it fits everything nicely.

Koi no EveryDay☆HappyDay – Itsuka Kotori (CV.Taketatsu Ayana) [Date A Live]

I’m not sure I posted this before, but I really love this song a lot. I’m still addicted.

Hatsukoi Winding Road – Tsumita Kayoko & Murai Risako & Tsukimiya Midori [Date A Live]

Another addictive one.

Dream Wonder Formation – Chihara Minori

Paradise Lost – Chihara Minori

You can never imagine that Nagato Yuki can do this.

Plasmic Fire – ALTIMA x KOTOKO [Accel World: Infinite Burst]

Kurosaki Maon and Kotoko’s collab, sounds damn promising.


Hopefully this playlist will give you quite an eyeopener. Any questions? Comment below!

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