Back from the Dead???: August 2016 Update


Hi kids, this post does not represent my comeback, but just a slow update of how my mental health is going.

So far I have watched nearly 250 days worth of shows already and still growing.

After that Orange-induced personality coma, my blogging time has became my show binge-watching time. I mainly tried to watch slice-of-lives but ended up with horrible choices.

During the period of the hiatus, I have completed To-Heart and To-Heart2, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Nekogami Yaoyorozu, Ah! My Goddess, Under The Dog, Another, Hidan no Aria AA, Chobits, Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko, Baldr Force EXE Resolution. Sounds like a lot, but I could have watched more, if I could manage my time better. I’m currently watching Kannazuki no Miko, Blood series, Corpse Party with a lot of shows that I either stopped halfway because can’t really feel the show yet or I put it in my Plan-to-Watch list for too long it became insignificant.

Any thoughts on the shows you completed?

Gurren Lagann turned out to be not what I was expected, just when I hoped to see some Gainax motion comedy like FLCL, but ended up into a big hurricane of feels with tons of serious shit in it. I was watching the show in Shonen mode, so it blew me away after Kamiya died. Overall it was a wonderful experience with that pretty cold ending. They could have pushed the sadness more and I’m glad they did that for the movies.

To-Heart was a waste of time, To-Heart 2 only gets better after the other studio takes over to make AD. But To-Heart surprised me with Kawasumi Ayako’s and Horie Yui’s characters. To-Heart2 was a tad bit more entertaining, but Ito Shizuka’s character is the only one pulling the show back together.

Nekogami Yaoyorozu is only a simple slice-of-life. Budget is so weak that its actually pretty damn obvious.

Ah! My Goddess is one of the show which deserves a unlimited cours work. But needs more budget on the animations, AIC is playing cheap.

Another wasn’t as horrific as expected, P.A.Works only brought 40% of the horror out from the novel. Could have been bolder with the gore and horror.

Hidan no Aria AA was a lot better than the original, even with a lot more fanservice.

Chobits is something fresh but could have been better with the ending, it feels… shallow.

KanoNeko is quite feely, but yet again, it could have been deeper.

Baldr Force EXE Resolution could have been a lot better. If they didn’t condense the show into just 4 eps, a cour will do. The CGI feels 1990s game-esque which brought a lot of nostalgia for a 2007 show. Surprised that Satelight can make such shows.

Will write proper reviews when I officially come back, I have like 30+ shows in my backlog.

I also gamed a lot, too much that I finished Neptunia U in a day. Whew. Streaming, I know I said that many times but I don’t really feel motivated to do so.

That pretty much it, wasn’t expecting to write this much. Till next time!

4 responses to “Back from the Dead???: August 2016 Update

  1. Wow, you’ve been a busy bee! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
    Take your time returning, and I’m looking forward to your new content (≧∇≦)/

    Liked by 1 person

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