Impressions Galore~ 358324 armor gun ishida_kazumasa qualidea_code uniform

Its so hot, but I’m getting frequent showers around here and there so its hot and cold… I’m getting sick.


Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!

This show is definitely going full speed and full steam. This is the true colors of Fate/Kaleid. Nothing much to comment but the comedic routine from Kotomine is definitely new, in fact they managed to blend seriousness and gags very well. Its incredible, the cliffhanger for the ep ending was nice, its gonna be good.


Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

Its funny and bland at the same time. The gags are funny, but when it calms down, its deadly monotonous that it can turn off impatient people. Pacing is horrendously slow too. I’m expecting too much for an art club slice-of-life.


New Game!

So far so good this show. Its a slice-of-life but its getting quite a bit of development. Hifumi best girl. Can’t wait for more.


Qualidea Code

HYPE HYPE HYPE. Canaria didn’t really do much this ep but this show turned into a slice-of-life for its second ep, hopefully it escalates.



This show is still cute. But imagine 2 GUY VAs are voicing all the cats in that show alone. Oh… Its hard, but they did a surprisingly good job.



The show just went heavy, the ep showed great potential in the future and I really hope they don’t mess it up. The animation quality is good here, even though D.Gray-Man needs more priority. They also showed their 10 years later selves, but if they can save Kakeru, I really hope Naho will be with him. Their 10 years later selves were gorgeous, can’t wait for more.




Its so cheesy that I love it. But the romance is going stagnant at some point, I wonder how they will end this on a cheesy note by the 26th ep. Definitely still enjoying, due to stagnation, it can be even more cheesy.



It sure is taking its own sweet time doing it for its rather short 13ep count. I was expecting more agressive writing with a rather tight but comfortable pacing. 8-Bit likes to rush their show just at that final few eps, which always tend to be their downfall. I’m going to lower my expectations for this one, but the comedy is still really good tho.


Love Live Sunshine

Another short ep count but slow pacing show, but not really slow. But I think at this rate this show will take the entire season to gather all of Aqours and then join Love Live then cliffhanger, so that they can milk more cash for season 2 as this franchise has proven to be extremely stable already.


Hatsukoi Monster

This show is still stable for me. I still love the show even with that controversial topic going on around the series. The romance is starting to feel more or less legit if you put that 5th grader guy mindset off your brain.


Thats pretty much it for this week. D.Gray-Man was dropped so I’m not writing here anymore.

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