Spring 2016 Wrap-up and Summer 2016 To-watches


Don’t worry, this isn’t AOTS, just putting it for fun, in the name of moe sailors.

Hey, back for this post, I have decided to combine everything into one post this time, so I can save time and most probably waste your time scrolling through this massive chunk of 3.4k word novel length post, WordPress predicts that you will finish this post in 15mins, if you bothered reading.

Spring was not good and not bad, but it felt extremely lengthy, for some reason. This season I have to say, its hard to find a good show, and the potential ones were all getting wasted. But Summer don’t really look promising too with the depressing news of D.Gray-man and Souma getting only 13 eps, so I will not hype hard for this season too.

Shows that are completed


Not a bad show, not a good show. Its decent, but this show could have been a lot better. I personally love bikes but this show’s haven’t went really deep into the bike storytelling and mostly went straight to the fan service route. TMS’s animation never fails to amaze me with their mediocre quality of art. It feels like 480p even when watching this in 1080p. Character designs felt pretty weak too.  Music is only ok, wasn’t really amazing, can’t really feel both the OP and ED. Casting were ok.


Gakuen Toshi Asterisk S2


Absolute failure. Wasted 2 seasons of my time watching something even more mediocre than Mahouka. Ono Manabu should be ashamed, still can do 2 seasons of such BS. A-1 pretty much threw this on the table uncompleted, the quality is something you don’t see from them every day. A-1 better pay me back with Qualidea Code next season, its a debt you need to pay. OP and ED also gotten worst than S1.



Another wasn’t good, wasn’t bad show. It feel really good at the beginning, but it slowly turned bland, but wasn’t as bad how Absolute Duo became. I mainly watched this show for Matsuki Miyu who is supposed to Charlotte, but was subsequently replaced by Horie Yui. The ending ended like pretty much every harem show, where things start to pick up, but I don’t hate the show. Music was epic, love the OP, and all 4 EDs. Production IMS puts subpar effort into the art, quite satisfied actually, was expecting worse, judging from previous works from them. Characters are near typical but the casts here is pretty well casted. Okubo Rumi finally came back~~~


Kuma Miko

One word. Bland. Nothing happens, gags were absolutely monotonous. The selling point is the talking bear and how accustomed he is towards human civilization. Kinema Citrus and EMT Square did ok with the quality, but wasn’t really as sharp even when watching this in 1080p. Who to blame? OP was excellent, ED was hard to feel. Cast was ok, nothing much to write homie about.



One of the most controvesial shows this year. Some might get this show, some might not. I somewhat get where this show is trying to go, maybe due to my pessimistic side of my life. I don’t love but don’t hate this show, it just proves that Okada Mari need to be depressed in order to put this show in its full potential. OP was nice, ED was too slow and very unfitting. Diomedea put decent effort in this show, actually quite impressed by the quality. Characters are massive here and I cannot remember like half of them because most of them did not gave me an impression, but the cast is nicely picked tho.


Anne Happy

Part One of Silver Link’s comedy season and direct competitor to Sansha Sanyou. This is more of the happy side of the season, promoting happiness and extreme bad luck. Timothy rap is epic, Tsubaki didn’t really get a real scene, and now we finally know who is behind the Timothy concept after all. Let’s not say this show was for nothing, at least we know how Timothy is actually there, and Anne finally found a teeny bit of good luck. Silver Link and Onuma Shin both did ok, OP and ED is addictive like cocaine. Casting was decent.


Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

This is another sweet show, I love how they explore the cliches of online gaming, and the pros and cons. And we have a main heroine like me, who loves to escape reality. I need a girl like Ako, she too cute, I don’t mind if she cannot cook or do housework, I will most probably spoil her bad. Project No. 9 did a decent job this time round, recovering from their box office flop Kouya. OP that sounds and feels like ClariS’s Oreimo OP, crack on full steam I say. ED was ok, but Nanjo Yoshino sang that so its excellent. Hidaka Rina’s voice here is nicely done, I love it, AKO BEST HEALAAAAAAA.



This show did throw me off guard. I was expecting a nice lighthearted high school girls training to by Moe Navy SEALS, but end up the show escalated as soon as the 10th min of the first ep. After that plot twist, I was completely in the dark for this show, I didn’t even try to predict how this show will pan out, because I love the direction the story is trying to go. The show pretty much excite me all the way until last ep. The ending was quite a bit unexpected, and also wrap up the story with a slight touching feel. OP was ok, ED was decent, excellent casting. characters are massive and their personalities were all unique on their own. Love this show to bits, but the ending gave a hint that there won’t be a continuation so its telling me to let it die.


Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

I’m lazy to write this part of the review due to fact that his laidback and lethargic attitude is proven contagious and worth worshipping. Nice OP, excellent ED, very Silver Link quality. Cast is pretty well picked, such a pity Toyama Nao only got a few scenes, the rest did their job nicely.


Flying Witch

OMG 2EPS THIS WEEK. Story is pretty much peaceful the whole time. Not too bland. The peacefulness made this show move so fast that I didn’t know that I watched 12 eps of it. It ended pretty ok, but I don’t think I wanna see more of this. Inukai best girl and Chinatsu best imouto. OP was ok, ED was ok, cast was ok, except for the male, he is literally a living zombie.


Pan de Peace

Nice short, not boring, but a bit enjoyable. I love it. Quite surprised that Petit Milady did the OP instead of every♥ing! Pretty ok cast, even tho filled with newbies.


Nijiiro Days

This show lasted for 24 eps, for nothing. It ended so blandly that makes you think that 24 eps of 15mins might as well just be 1 cour anime. But I like the cheesy interactions throughout the season. The pacing is amazingly slow that it takes 3 eps to finish one situation, when other shows can make it rather episodic. Hopefully the OVA fixes everything out. OP and EDs were all ok, the cast was pretty legit, Ishigami Shizuka and Uchiyama Yumi MVPs, I love their voices here.


Sansha Sanyou

Direct competitor towards Anne Happy, and also one of happy shows this season. It was a pretty nice ride, I love the characters, personalities and how they interact and react. Its really unique to this series. Development was ok. Dogakobo did a decent job. OP and ED was excellent, its like crack, so addictive. The cast may mainly consists of newbies, but they did excellent jobs at their roles. Nishi Asuka is back for more moe roles. Ending was pretty much like most slice-of-life, but its fine.


Wagamama High Spec

Pretty ok VN-adaptation short. I didn’t expect this show to produce much, but I’m quite satisfied with it overall. Cast is pretty decent, ED was nice, animation quality is pretty decent, the character designs were a surprise for me and I love them.



Not sure how to describe this show. But I’m going to play this game because its nice and its from Cyberstep, I played Cosmic Break for 2 years before this happen and its time for me to go back to the good old days. Standard Pierrot standards, don’t expect much from this show to avoid massive disappointment, I’m quite ok with this show overall but I hope they make more. Stop teasing people with that cliffhanger ending. OP was excellent. Cast consists of the rather usual moe voices which I love them all.


Sakamato Desu ga?

My real life role model. The show overall started pretty strong and managed maintained throughout the season. Animation quality is pretty above average, surprising from Deen. Casts are also nicely picked, the cast list is pretty much filled with A-Classed seiyuus, and all of them did their jobs excellently. The girls in here are not always neglected for Sakamoto, they all felt pretty equal in terms of likeability. But all of them are obsessed with that Sakamoto, some of the guys too, willing to turn gay for him, which is unsurprising. Music is a bit hard for me to pick up, maybe I just don’t like them.


Shounen Maid

This show started totally wasn’t the way I expected, but this show was pretty stagnant with the storyline. The story does make progress but then it retracts again, making everything neutral all over again. Last ep felt like this show is just a passer-by. So end up I don’t like or hate the show. I will most probably put this on my mind shelf forever, gather enough dust to get forgotten. Animation quality is decent, judging from 8bit, they could have done better. Music is pretty decent, I like the OP, ED is so-so. Cast are a mixture of veterans and newbies, but the newbies did their job nicely.


These shows are still ongoing and will move on with me to the next season.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Yeap, just pick this up just 2 weeks ago, half the season done so far and this show has a lot of potential already. White Fox continued their combo streak after Utawarerumono and managed to pull of this show pretty good, in fact better than Utawarerumono. Quality is definitely there and needed for this show. OP was epic and omg that ED, one of the best OSTs this season, but the show cut them a lot of times. I listened to the OP and ED for less than 5 times. This can sometimes be ok, because they can squeeze more content for each ep, but doing it for so many eps, regardless the ep being serious or not, it can get rather irritating because there are people who wants to listen to the OP and ED. They even cut the OPs and EDs on eps that are mostly fanservice, it can be rather misleading as people will view the ep more seriously. I hoped Taneda Risa voiced Emilia instead of Takahashi Rie, but she did her job anyways.


Still mediocre, I really cannot stand this show, calling this their anniversary work, where is the effort? Since I watched this show for half the season already, might as well just finish it. OP was bland and totally cannot feel the ED. Casting felt a bit wasted for such a show. Character designs and animations are totally obvious that they are cutting budget for it to last for 2 cours.

Kyoukai no Rinne S2

This show is definitely going back on its feet, I love this season more. The beach episode finally came, and Sakura should try twintails more often than her braided hair. The random cameos has pretty much gotten a lot of A-class VAs, most of them are who I always love and boosted my love for the show. OP1 is still better than OP3 and OP4 and ED4 is best ED so far, it is extremely catchy.

Now that we put the past aside for the FUUUTTTUUURREEEE…

Summer 2016 Will Watch List

Summer might be the best season this year but didn’t pick up much shows this time.

D. Gray Man HALLOW

Not going to put high expectations in this one. Complete staff overhaul and only 13eps, this is going to disappoint, for sure. It will definitely sound weird for me.

Hatsukoi Monster

Cant wait for this, its hard to find such romance stories nowadays… 5th grader… omg someone help me.

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

This is going to be like Gj-bu, but its about more on Art and Craft. Feel will definitely make this show be filled with dirty jokes, hopefully.

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the most hyped show for this year. This show will be pretty damn epic, I hope. Hopefully Sunrise can pull off another good Love Live series. I feel safe to hype this show hard.

New Game!

The manga has caught my eye for quite some time already, was very hyped when I heard the anime adaptation announcement. Epic cast list on tow too. Another safe to hype hard show. Time to go play my FFX already.

Qualidea Code

No description required, just look at my blog and feel how much hype I give to this show alone. OP and ED artists sounds promising, even the cast also.


Behold, Key’s latest depressing VN adaptation, but don’t hype too hard tho. Tensho directing in 8-Bit can sometimes be pretty much a hit-or-miss. This show would have been perfect if Ishihara Tatsuya directing with KyoAni, in fact the next Clannad in the making too.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!

Another hype show, lets see what surprises Onuma Shin and Silver Link give this time. Kakazu Yumi will replace Matsuki Miyu as Sapphire. Lets see if this show will finally escalate or we will still go down the fanservice lane.


Time for some future changing settings. This show somewhat reminds me of Noein, but this show definitely isn’t THAT serious, but will be more realistic too. Pretty much about changing her devastating future by telling the past self what to do.

Honobono Log

This show is going to be warm and fuzzy. Definitely. For sure.


Another sweet school romance. This one will be very warm and fuzzy. And cheesy too. 12mins is ok, at least for me to handle the cheese.

The Summer Shows I Watched it First by “Accident”


Decided to watch this first because been wanting to watch such sweet school romance shows for a long time. So far the first 2 eps starts off well, its extremely sweet. OP/ED felt very fuzzy too. I will enjoy this 26ep goodness. Someone please recommend me shows like this, I need to get away from dark shows. Sarelight did a excellent job with the animations. Its too cute, its even better than White Album 2.


Love Live Sunshine

After a pretty long and dreadful wait, new girls take over their predecessor. The 2D handdrawn mixed with 3DCGI dance sequences are back. But it feels more fluid and controlled over the previous Love Live, or maybe they using Live2D this time, I’m not sure, will need to do some research. If you ask me, I still love Eli until now, or maybe it will take sometime for me to get used to the new girls and eventually find my own best girl. Animation quality is slightly better now. The casting were well picked for newbies, but its feels kinda obvious that they are trying to replicate their predecessors, may sometimes feel like they lacked originality. Like people complaining about Pile’s voice for Maki, this show does have this flaw in that aspect. The first ep storyline already felt like the first LL ep, but it has its originality. The show could have kicked off better actually. OP felt ok, ED for the ep was pretty nice. I’m still pretty confident this franchise will go back to the good ol’ LL hype days, but won’t surpass the original.



A 48min first ep right off the bat, sounds promising. The standard Key comedic intro routines is back, and I have to say, out of everything, including Maeda Jun’s Angel Beats and Charlotte, this actually has the most epic intro. The animations are definitely better than Grisaia but could have been better. Character designs are actually the most accurate out of the entire Key VN series, its looks literally like the one in the VN. Music will have to wait till next week to judge. So far so good, but I still wished KyoAni adapted this instead. Lets see how they can make this show go from 100 to 0 in 13eps, I will definitely buy tissue for insurance


Hatsukoi Monster

Omg, this shows represents kids nowadys, looking way older than they are supposed to, puberty hitting to damn early. This show is extremely embarrassing to watch. Well, since this setting is extremely awkward, I didn’t really bother predicting the storyline, so everything was pretty much unexpected for me. Animations is damn good, not say surprised from Deen, but Deen is getting biased. Character designs were excellent. OP and ED were catchy, and with Sakabe Go on the BGMs. The cast list is 90% A-class seiyuus, just look at that legit list, Horie Yui, Sakurai Takahiro, Morikubo Shotaro, Eguchi Takuya, Midorikawa Hikaru, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Sugita Tomokazu, Ishikawa Kaito, Suzumura Kenichi. I’m definitely sold to this show. But watching this show does make me feel a little pissed as they could have used this character designer for Konosuba, it feels more fitting and more accurate to the LN. Sigh, Deen will never learn.


The Summer show that I Finished by “Accident”


This show is a surprise, giving me the entire 13ep package straight to my face. Massive marathon has been done, it took me more than 6hours. The storyline does make epic turns, comedy is pretty high and it stayed pretty strong throughout the cour. It was my first time marathoning a current season show so it felt good, but sometimes it can be very time consuming, and it kinda messed up my watching schedule today, was planning to finish like 6 shows that have less than 3 eps to go, but ended up all got postponed. I love this show, its like Re:Zero and Nijiiro Days had a lovechild by accident. Animation quality are surprisingly good from TMS, even better than how they did for Kamisama Hajimemashita, which was also pretty above average. Character designs were extremely accurate, like how Shaft made Negima possible. Music is ok, OP felt like Nijiro Days, and they took a ballsy move by using 13 different old songs that were at least 10 years old, it was a mixed bag, I liked some, I can’t feel some. Cast was pretty decent. The way they adapt this is like Kamisama Hajimemashita, most of the gags feel similar and even the pacing too.

Story: 8.5/10

Music: 7~9/10

VAs: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Oh yeah, since I haven’t even finish watching Shokugeki no Souma S1, so I will not pick up the S2 for the time being, will try to rush through since I got it batched up. S2 only gets 13eps do sound depressing. Under The Dog comes in August 1st and I will watch it as soon as it releases, lets see how much Kinema Citrus can do in 30mins, hopefully this is a soak test for a proper anime season. Overall, Summer season may look promising, but I didn’t pick up much shows.

Anime of the season? Its hard to tell as all the shows are pretty much equally matched, but Re:Zero can be anime of the year if D.Gray Man messes up.

Thats pretty much it, surprisingly, this post is definitely my longest post in the history of my blogging life, so I hoped that the word count did not bore you out.

As for the hiatus, I would say its finally over, I managed to store up to 20 series to write up and my hands been itching to write and post, I couldn’t take it so I’m back. But not for long, you will never know when I will pull off another hiatus again.

6 responses to “Spring 2016 Wrap-up and Summer 2016 To-watches

  1. I’m really hoping Kaleid liner gets its act together because the second season was nothing but Yuri and clones. Which isn’t bad. I just wanted more from the Fate franchise, the darker, grittier bits it’s known for. I heard season three wasn’t much better, but this fourth season looks like it’ll possibly wrap things up. Poster looks good, at least.
    Man, I also really need to get on Tanaka-kun. I heard that and Sakamoto created two new male icons in the community.
    Nice solid wrap-up and intro to the shows you’ll be watching. I hope they’ll turn out successful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That intro for Rewrite. I had a fangirl moment. Other awesome moments were Lucia and Koutarou’s trolling. Solid so far *nods*

    As for ReLIFE, it’s made me love Hishiron even more. I claimed her first, ya hear me?

    Liked by 1 person

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